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How to Normalize Your Sobriety

Perhaps right now you are making aftercare plans at the alcohol addiction rehab or the drug addiction rehab where you’ve spent the last 28 days. At first you didn’t even want to go there—you didn’t need addiction recovery, right? Maybe you knew you needed to go, but the thought of spending 28 days with strangers, whileRead More

What Works and Doesn’t Work for You?

We come into recovery with preconceived notions, behaviors, regrets, guilt and shame. We also come into recovery with the wounded part of ourselves that needs compassion and understanding. All parts that make up the whole of our feelings and behaviors need to be healed in recovery. We can’t help but come into a rehab withRead More

Your First Year Sober

Human beings make a habit of marking time. We celebrate our birthday and those we love. We mark years and decades by accomplishments, tragedies, innovations, deaths and more. Coming up on our first year of sobriety can be very exciting and a chance to reflect from whence and how far we have come. Our firstRead More

From Addiction to Sobriety — What Will Make the Difference for You?

People who have an addiction make different choices for their future. There are many different reasons why they decide to put a stop to addiction. Some stop for the sake of their family and children. Others are confronted by family, friends and colleagues and this propels them to an addiction treatment center. Still others reachRead More

Finally Sober… And Alone: Strategies for Coping

On a day-by-day basis, sobriety is challenging. When the bigger picture comes into the frame, it can feel like a lifetime of sobriety is too much to handle. Strategies for coping with sobriety, and loneliness, can help shore up those resources for when times get tough. Finding Hope Even when the world seems to shunRead More

Why Friends are Important in Sobriety

Words cannot even describe how lonely an addiction can become. Addictions are progressive and secretive in nature which will make you push someone away who you think may hamper your abilities to get drunk or high. Eventually, you may find yourself hanging out with your drug of choice and nothing else which is how yourRead More

Can Atheists and Agnostics Stay Sober?

Anyone who has the appropriate tools for their personal recovery from drug and alcohol recovery can stay sober. Some people find that becoming a member in a 12-Step program such as Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) can give them the guiding force they need in a Higher Power to help them to stay sober. Then there areRead More

Keys to Having a Healthy Relationship in Sobriety

Companionship is important to have in your daily life. When you were in the throes of your addiction, attempting to maintain healthy relationships was nearly impossible. You were of little use to those around you while you were under the influence. Now that you are in participating in recovery and your life again, you shouldRead More

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