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What Works and Doesn’t Work for You?

What Works and Doesn’t Work for You?

We come into recovery with preconceived notions, behaviors, regrets, guilt and shame. We also come into recovery with the wounded part of ourselves that needs compassion and understanding. All parts that make up the whole of our feelings and behaviors need to be healed in recovery.

We can’t help but come into a rehab with the horrors of our addiction in tow. Some of us need detox, while others are ready to begin treatment. Whatever our case, we haven’t even begun to heal as we are coated in our old ways of thinking and being. Our thoughts and behaviors were born from keeping our addition alive and fueled. We were on a path of self-destruction and it wasn’t working for us. Now that we have started to make a u-turn towards recovery, we have many challenges ahead. We need to face up to who we became as a result of our addiction.

Our addiction could have pushed our family and friends away from us. We may have lost our job, our children, or our home. Our addiction didn’t work in our favor. We must now learn about addiction, and why we couldn’t stop our craving and the negative behaviors and attitudes that ran our lives. In starting down our path of recovery, we will find we need to shed our old behaviors of selfishness, rudeness, uncaring, and so forth. Of course we can’t do this all at once, so we are bound to come up against old behaviors that leaves us feeling icky.

Here is when we can ask ourselves if our behavior is working for us? Before we got sober, we liked being right, in fact we were right, and everyone else was wrong. Is my superior attitude causing me problems again, pushing people away? Is my anger getting in the way of having a reasonable conversation?

Being brave enough to face what works and what doesn’t work can greatly help us in our recovery. We can soften our hard edge and allow ourselves to be vulnerable. Mostly, we can reconnect to the loving parts in ourselves. We will find we can love and be loved again.

Serenity Oaks Wellness Center is a 5-week extensive treatment program to help someone who is struggling from drugs or alcohol. Our 12-Step aspects and holistic therapy combined can show you how to adorn your soul in recovery.

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