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Why Did I Become Someone Struggling with an Addiction?

Alcoholism and drug addiction are a result of a combination of psychological, genetic, environmental, and social factors. One idea you can use to help with the answer is the ACE questionnaire. This questionnaire was formed as a result of the Adverse Childhood Experiences Study (ACES). A completed questionnaire documents different types of abuse, neglect, andRead More

Addiction and Homelessness

Considerable amounts of press coverage has been give to the opioid crisis running rampant across the United States. The causes for the epidemic point to the over prescription of opioids, adverse and unchecked marketing schemes by drug companies and their partners in the insurance industry. What has not been covered as much is the correlationRead More

Change Up Your Fridays

In recovery, whether you’re retired or working, Fridays can be a trigger for partying and euphoric recall of the fun you thought you had from drinking alcohol. Employees of companies and corporations may have regular after work beer parties. It’s a time to hang out with colleagues and slough off the stress of the workRead More

Recovery Life Skills 102: Developing a Daily Routine

In recovery, you may have been advised that you will be “rocketed into the fourth dimension” and being present in that magnitude means adapting to some recovery life skills that will help you with staying on course. One of the best ways to maintain sobriety is to develop a daily routine that will enrich yourRead More

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