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Obdurate Behavior in Recovery

Here you are in recovery for an addiction. Your family has practically disowned you, it’s been months since any of your friends called, your kids never answer your phone calls, and you feel like a complete failure. All is not lost. You can be in the worst state of your life from living in aRead More

What if I Have a Nervous Breakdown and Freak Out?

A nervous breakdown is a catchall phrase used to describe a period of intense mental distress in which one is unable to function normally in their everyday life. Today’s mental health professionals and clinicians, don’t use the term nervous breakdown anymore. Their attention is focused on finding the cause of a person’s distress. These canRead More

What Helps to Break the Pattern of Depression?

Not all therapists use the same strategies for dealing with your depression. Notice the ownership language used in the first sentence, your depression. Does this sound familiar? Hi, I’m Bill, or Jane, and I’m an alcoholic. This kind of language puts an adhesive label on you. I am a depressed person, and or, I amRead More

A Gentle Approach to Ease Anxiety and Depression

The National Institute for the Clinical Application of Behavioral Medicine (NICAMB) recently published a five minute video on how two simple and gentle actions can help with depression. The video highlights the work of Dr. Steven Hayes, PhD, founder of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT). The premise, he relates, is connecting to your values, openingRead More

Understanding Victimhood

The word victim is used here not to label or devalue a person, but to help them understand what victimhood is, and what he or she can do about it. An individual with a victim identity is someone who identified with whatever crises, traumas, illnesses or other difficulties that occurred in their lives. Many ofRead More

How to Stay with Your Own Grief

There are no rules for sitting with grief. When it comes to dealing with your own grief, everyday may present a different emotion. Your feelings could also stay the same for weeks. Some days, you might find your grief in recovery to be intolerable. It seems you’ve lost decades to an addiction. These decades consumedRead More

Know the 5 Signs of an Addictive Personality

The term ‘addictive personality’ can feel overwhelming, in itself, as it is not an official psychiatric diagnosis. Some people may be more prone to addictive behavior than others while many studies are still considering all the causes of addiction. There are five typical signs to watch for in a person with an addictive personality whichRead More

What is OCD and is it a Mental Health Issue?

Obsessive-compulsive disorder, or OCD, is an anxiety disorder that impacts thoughts and behaviors. There are many variations of OCD that manifest differently for each individual in their struggles and challenges. Learn more about OCD and whether or not it is typically seen as a mental health issue. Symptoms of OCD OCD symptoms include specific typesRead More

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