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Taking the Opioid Epidemic Seriously

According to a recent article in VOX, a range exists, with certain states taking the opioid epidemic seriously, and others not as much. Their statement that, in the US, it is much easier to get high than it is to get help for addiction, is chilling. Even with the introduction of buprenorphine, the outlook remainsRead More

Is Sugar Really the Gateway Drug to Substance Abuse?

If you are in recovery for an addiction, the title question may seem annoying, or a bit after-the-fact, like spilt milk. However, studies, like Princeton University conducted in 2008: Evidence for Sugar Addiction: Behavioral and Neurochemical Effects of Intermittent, Excessive Sugar Intake, found sugar met the benchmark usually determined when labelling a drug. The authorsRead More

What Happens to Children in the Opioid Crisis?

The opioid crisis is taking its toll on children. According to a report by the Associated Press, tens of thousands of children are being removed from their homes and placed in the foster care system. New foster care cases involving parents using drugs hit the highest point in more than three decades of record-keeping. ThisRead More

What is Opioid Withdrawal About?

It takes so much strength to fight back against drug addiction, much less opioid withdrawal, in rehab. Feeling sick everyday is no fun because it can feel hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel when the pain gets really severe. Physical and emotional symptoms are part of the process, but findingRead More

Can an App Help with Tapering Off Suboxone?

Apps are pretty much everywhere these days, whether people like it or not. Not everyone is going to be into using them, but soon enough, there may be one to help transition off of Suboxone. The new app, called ‘OffBup,’ is still in design stages, but it is meant to help people who are taperingRead More

Ways to Jump Back from a Relapse

When someone who trying to stay sober finds themselves relapsing yet again, commonly they feel like they will never figure out the secret to success in recovery. If you are reading this and have had a relapse, you must already be into solution with trying something to better yourself in recovery. Keep moving forward withRead More

Jayson Williams: Rebounding in Recovery

From covering up the shooting of his limo driver to allegations of abusing his wife to drunk driving, Jayson William has had his share of consequences caused by his addiction to alcohol. After years of beating himself up with substance abuse, in 2016 Williams finally saw the light into recovery. Jayson Williams is known asRead More

Can Drug Addiction be part of an OASIS?

Recidivism is a common term that is used in a jail or prison facility that is defined by habitually relapsing due in part to participating in criminal activity which affects the majority of incarcerated inmates. Although jail is supposed to be a corrective way to help criminals stop doing the things that got them lockedRead More

Will CBD Show Up on a Drug Test?

CBD oil comes from the marijuana plant which can make you leery about using it for medicinal purposes such as arthritis, anxiety, and many other ailments the oil alleviates. You may have a great job that randomly drug tests you which you wish to pass without them finding any amounts of THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) in yourRead More

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