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What You Should Know About Drug Trafficking

Movies portray people that are considered drug lords as these rich, powerful, and corrupt individuals that have everything at their fingertips that they could possibly want. This may be how a drug cartel likes the world to view to their life even though the real downfall is the negative effect their drugs have on theRead More

Tips for Parents about Talking to Teens about Prom

Springtime is not only a season of warmer climates that brings about beautiful flowers and singing birds, it is also the season of school dances such as Prom. This night signifies fancy dresses and tuxedos, bouquets and boutonnieres, limousines, and for many teens a reason to drink while being unchaperoned or having sex for theRead More

Overdose in the City Council

Addiction is talked about all the time with how it does not discriminate. Most people use the stereotype of a homelessderelict as the face of addiction but with the opioid crisis hitting our society from every angle, more outrageous stories have been brought to the platform of combating drug overdoses. In March, City Councilman LarryRead More

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