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Are Women More Susceptible to Alcoholism?

Women typically get drunker quicker than men when they consume the same amount of alcohol in the same amount of time. Although an old wives’ tale may state that men are naturally bigger and stronger than women making them slower to intoxicate, the body definitely has much to do with how drunk each sex canRead More

Class of 2008: Tim McGraw Celebrates 10 Years

Seeing Tim McGraw live on stage, you would never know that he used to drink alcohol to calm his nerves before his shows and continue drinking to keep from getting the shakes caused by withdrawal. The country singer tried to find liquid courage just about every time he sang in front of a big crowdRead More

Is Alcohol a Narcotic?

Unlike narcotics, alcohol is not considered a controlled scheduled drug by the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA). For those who have been victim to driving drunk and caregivers for someone who abuses alcohol to the point of death, this can seem unbelievable. They have witnessed firsthand what alcohol can do to a person’s body, mind, andRead More

What Exactly Does My Thinking Have to do with My Drinking?

The thoughts that spin in an alcoholic mind can be rather disheartening. In fact, people in recovery programs have been heard stating that “their brain is out to get them”. The reason why the alcoholic brain is important to call out in this capacity is because without stating the obvious, you may continue to listenRead More

Should A Police Officer Be Arrested for DUI?

Stories have surfaced about police officers protecting their own when it comes to disobeying the law. While, this may seem enabling to someone that really should be reprimanded for their mistakes, this has happened in the past. Although our policemen protect us from dangerous threats and should be protected for their valiant efforts, this doesRead More

The Truth about Alcohol Hepatitis

The word hepatitis is defined by a disease that can be distinguished by inflammation that occurs in the liver. There are different types of hepatitis that have different repercussions when affecting the liver. Hepatitis can be contracted most commonly through a viral infection although it can also be transmitted through a secondary means from medication,Read More

Signs That You are a Dry Drunk

When someone recognizes that their consequences have become too much to handle due to abusing alcohol, they may end their drinking career. Legal issues, financial woes, health problems, and failing relationships are some of the major reasons people who abuse alcohol call it quits. There will be a period of emotional changes that can makeRead More

What are Delirium Tremens?

Alcohol abuse can produce a myriad of ailments that can affect someone’s health tremendously. Someone that drinks in excess will most likely withdraw from alcohol once the drink is taken away. Withdrawal from alcohol can be a painful and uncomfortable experience that can turn extremely dangerous from intense symptoms of disengagement. Delirium tremens can occurRead More

What Happens During a Liver Transplant from Alcoholism?

Alcohol-Related Liver Disease (ARLD) is an ailment that is caused by a spectrum of damages through the abundance of heavy alcohol intake. 21,000 Americans have been reported by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to die of complications of ARLD. Years of alcohol abuse can damage the liver making it inflamed and swollen andRead More

Quality vs. Quantity

Americans are busy. That is a valid statement that describes how day to day life evolves as someone gets older. Add a significant other, children, a job, hobbies, and a multitude of other obligations, and what you get is exhaustion and anxiety. Feeling run down by mundane activities may keep you from missing out onRead More