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Our Vision

At Serenity Oaks Wellness Center, we are ADORNING each client with life skills, coping tools, education groups and a healthy sober support system specifically geared to helping them gain long-term sobriety. Our vision is to support our clients as they ADORN their souls by breaking free from the stronghold of addiction and embracing a life of health, value and fulfillment.

What does Adorn – /ə’dôrn/ – mean?
To make something or someone more attractive by adding something beautiful.

Our vision encompasses our desire to ADORN our clients by integrating this philosophy into a five-week treatment program that addresses each damaging aspect of addiction and prepares our clients for a successful recovery. We incorporate clinical, medical and recreational staff that work together seamlessly to maximize our client’s experience by connecting thoughts and feelings in a safe and comfortable environment.

The Steps to Adornment

As we bring our vision of ADORNING our clients to fruition, we cover the following topics and issues during the five weeks our clients spend at our center:


Accountability, Abstinence, Acceptance, Anger, Anxiety, Assertiveness, Action and Absolve

What is an addiction? How does it begin? What are the consequences of addiction, both to the person struggling with the substance dependency as well as family and friends?

So many questions when you enter treatment and those uncertainties need to be addressed before you can proceed with the recovery process. Your first week at Serenity Oaks Wellness Center will be spent answering your questions and educating you about the basics of addiction. If knowledge is indeed power, this first week will empower you to face your addiction and choose a different, healthier path.

Dreams, Determined, Disentangle, Disconnect, Deception, Disembarrass and Direction

Addiction is a process of issues, habits and coping mechanisms that brought you to the point where you currently are. During your second week with us, you will explore that process to identify aspects of your life that need to change in order to stop the pattern of addiction. Once issues have been recognized, healthier choices can be used to replace them and support long-lasting sobriety.

Opportunity, Open, Obliterate, Onward and Observe

It is not enough to make healthy choices that turn you away from your addiction path. You must also solidify those habits so they become a comfortable, natural part of your life. Week three focuses on positive reinforcement for new choices, as well as accountability for actions to help keep you on track during treatment and beyond.

Roots, Reconstructing, Roles, Relationships, Regain, Restoring

Addiction does not occur in a vacuum. Those around you may play a role in contributing to unhealthy behaviors. In addition, the consequences of substance abuse are far-reaching, impacting many in your path, particularly those closest to you. During week four, we will take a hard look at the effects of your addiction on those around you. We will also study family dynamics that might have led to the addiction so that healthier bonds can be formed.


As your time at Serenity Oaks Wellness Center nears an end, preparation for life beyond treatment begins in earnest. Week five will focus on getting you ready to navigate life outside the security of the treatment center as we help you to identify triggers, enforce positive choices and behaviors and set up a support system that will follow you into your daily life.

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