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Dealing with an Annoying Person

You know about tolerance, but that person at the rehab is nonetheless driving you crazy. We all come across annoying people either at our workplace, at the recycling center, in the classroom, group therapy or the town meeting. They carry on and on about the matter at hand with little regard for anyone else whoRead More

Why Do I Need a Sponsor?

You may feel great right now. You’re in a rehab, or actively attending fellowship meetings for an addiction. Everything is on the up and up, so you ask, why do I need a sponsor? People in recovery can at first be in a bubble. They don’t expect things to get harder, but often hard timesRead More

Spring and Your New Best Friend

Spring is here and you want to be happy, but because you are in recovery for an addiction, you just can’t let yourself enjoy life. There are just too many mountains to climb. You’ve put down alcohol and or drugs, but are still haunted by cravings. You attend meetings that focus on abstinence. A fewRead More

Why Did I Become Someone Struggling with an Addiction?

Alcoholism and drug addiction are a result of a combination of psychological, genetic, environmental, and social factors. One idea you can use to help with the answer is the ACE questionnaire. This questionnaire was formed as a result of the Adverse Childhood Experiences Study (ACES). A completed questionnaire documents different types of abuse, neglect, andRead More

Understanding Victimhood

The word victim is used here not to label or devalue a person, but to help them understand what victimhood is, and what he or she can do about it. An individual with a victim identity is someone who identified with whatever crises, traumas, illnesses or other difficulties that occurred in their lives. Many ofRead More

How Too Much Comfort Can Hinder a Person’s Process

As humans we are adept at reading nonverbal language and signs. When a baby cries, our instinct, is probably to offer comfort. We may pick the baby up out of the crib, cuddle it, and find out what’s causing the distress. The same goes for our pets. We react when a dog cries softly toRead More

Poetry—A Gateway to Feelings

Try to find the poetry section in a bookstore. It’s often tucked away in corner on the lower shelves. However, when someone dies, relatives and loved ones find solace in poetry. Poems are often read out loud at funerals. You’re not dying, so what has poetry got to do with you? The nature of poetryRead More

Why You May Be Resistant to Suggestions

There are reasons why you may resist suggestions and advice, like those in the 12 Steps. For one, even if you attend fellowship meetings or are in a rehab, you may not value your own life. This can be a result of childhood neglect, you’ve done something for which you feel terribly guilty, or somethingRead More

Taking the Opioid Epidemic Seriously

According to a recent article in VOX, a range exists, with certain states taking the opioid epidemic seriously, and others not as much. Their statement that, in the US, it is much easier to get high than it is to get help for addiction, is chilling. Even with the introduction of buprenorphine, the outlook remainsRead More

Do You Take Yourself Out of the Picture Because You’re LGBT?

Some LGBT people still try to keep their identities a secret from their families. This may be due to deep religious beliefs their families hold, lack of open mindedness, and the pall of irrational hatred. Because of internalized homophobia, LGBT people can decide to remove ourselves from our families, even if family members are acceptingRead More