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What Are Some Signs of Food Addiction?

Food addiction is a form of behavioral addiction that does not involve taking drugs or alcohol. The condition has no definition clinically but after years of research, there are some signs to indicate a difficult relationship with food can impair other areas of a person’s life. Learn more about the signs of food addiction andRead More

How Do I Channel My Compulsions Into Productivity?

Channeling compulsions into productivity can be a challenging endeavor. Everyone is busy with something, but people with compulsions are driven by the busyness of doing certain activities over and over again, even leading to addiction. There is no cure for it, but they can be monitored and controlled with productive activities focused less on doingRead More

Why Do Compulsive Gamblers Struggle with These 5 Things?

Gambling addiction stands on its own as a destructive habit. There are usually other underlying issues at play that can keep a person locked into addiction, including mental health disorders.  Here are five things to be aware of and how to support a loved one that is struggling. Depression It is easy to miss theRead More

Is Caffeine Addiction More Serious Than Previously Thought?

Caffeine is a widely used stimulant that is appearing in everyone’s hands nowadays, including teenagers. The advent of the ‘coffee shop’ really took off in the last decade or so, but caffeine has been around for much longer. It appears in everything from coffee to soda, chocolate to gum and even energy drinks. For millionsRead More

Finally Sober…And Alone: Strategies for Coping

On a day-by-day basis, sobriety is challenging. When the bigger picture comes into the frame, it can feel like a lifetime of sobriety is too much to handle. Strategies for coping with sobriety, and loneliness, can help shore up those resources for when times get tough. Finding Hope Even when the world seems to shunRead More

What is Opioid Withdrawal About?

It takes so much strength to fight back against drug addiction, much less opioid withdrawal, in rehab. Feeling sick everyday is no fun because it can feel hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel when the pain gets really severe. Physical and emotional symptoms are part of the process, but findingRead More

Don’t Explode: How to Get Emotions in Check (for Real This Time)

Exploding emotions can get people into trouble quickly. Physical and emotional outbursts are often the result of underlying stress and anxiety that has built up into rage that explodes. Without keeping it in check, it can quickly damage friendships, workplace relationships, and turn inward into mental health issues and substance abuse disorders. Dealing with addictionRead More