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Why Couldn’t I See How Much Harm I Was Causing My Family?

Fathoming the pain you caused a loved can be difficult to ascertain when you are in the active claws of addiction. Addiction alters the reality sensors in your brain. You can watch your own unkind and destructive behavior, unfold as if someone else is in control. You may see that you are harming a lovedRead More

Romance at the Rehab

What better place to find a love partner than in the safety net of a rehab for addiction, right? You know you’re at the rehab for a very important reason—to treat an addiction, and in doing so, to save your life. While attractions can naturally happen at the rehab, pursuing an intimate, love relationship isRead More

Am I Ever Going to Be Loved?

If you are the one saying this, we hear you. If you are new to sobriety, try to understand that your first priority isn’t romantic love. It is of course staying sober, changing your behaviors and attitudes and learning about yourself. If you are not speaking of romantic love, but love in general, the answerRead More

Finally Sober… And Alone: Strategies for Coping

On a day-by-day basis, sobriety is challenging. When the bigger picture comes into the frame, it can feel like a lifetime of sobriety is too much to handle. Strategies for coping with sobriety, and loneliness, can help shore up those resources for when times get tough. Finding Hope Even when the world seems to shunRead More

Keys to Having a Healthy Relationship in Sobriety

Companionship is important to have in your daily life. When you were in the throes of your addiction, attempting to maintain healthy relationships was nearly impossible. You were of little use to those around you while you were under the influence. Now that you are in participating in recovery and your life again, you shouldRead More

How Families Come Together to Heal

Addiction is a family disease. The person with the addiction typically gets the full blame because they are the one that takes the actions that get the family into the problematic circumstances that arise. Even though loved ones are not responsible for the drinking and using part of the addiction, often times family members canRead More

How Do I Know if My Relationship is Toxic?

The most common way that a relationship is founded upon is through mutual respect and authentication. Over time the relationship can change and bring about incompatibility which may lead to toxicity in the relationship. You could already be in a toxic relationship and not be willing to admit it because you do not wish toRead More

Will My Relationships Ever Be Healed?

Relationships are difficult. Add an addiction, some resentments, and a history of affliction and relationships become just plain challenging. Sometimes there may seem like there is no hope that certain relationships can repaired and frankly some may not appear to be worth the effort. If you are sober, however, trying to recapture what you onceRead More

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