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Does Exposure Therapy Work?

Persons who have battled an eating disorder can have a hard time trying to figure out their ongoing diet once they have received help for their disorder. Going to the grocery store can be a daunting task to figure out which foods to buy and which ones to stay away from. Labels can be confusingRead More

What are CRPs?

As the time draws near for your teen to go to the college that they were accepted into in this fall, you may be worried about their first experience being away from home. Since you have already experienced some disappointments with your teenager being caught drinking underage or smoking pot with their friends, you mayRead More

What You Should Know About Muscle Dysmorphic Disorder

Men’s Health magazine used the month of May to bring awareness to mental health among men. According to the magazine, talking about the issues men have suffered from has been avoided for long enough and finally needs some well-deserved attention. In their series, Healthy Mind, Healthy Body, they wanted to build a platform to bringRead More

The Truth about Ambien Texting

Last month Roseanne Barr tweeted some racial slurs about Valerie Jarrett, the senior advisor to the President of the United States Barack Obama. Her ABC show was canceled in the meantime from zero tolerance of racism. Her excuse – Ambien texting. Sleep texting has become a legitimate concern for those who are taking Ambien toRead More

4 Ways to Maintain Freedom in Recovery

July is the month that initiates the celebration of your national freedom that can mean so much more to somebody that is recovering from drugs and alcohol. These substances may be something that appear to take the edge off at first, but once addiction takes a person over, drugs and alcohol can build walls aroundRead More

Recovery Life Skills 104: Managing Stress

Life can be difficult, and you have found that using drugs and alcohol would help out with the stress by numbing out the pressure you may be feeling. So, what happens to you when you take away drinking and drugging and you are left to deal with the burden of what you are going throughRead More

How an App May Help Students Mental Health

People of all ages suffer from mental health issues including adolescents. In fact, 1 in 5 children will be affected by a mental health disorder WITH 80 percent of chronic mental illness beginning in their childhood. The symptoms of mental illness can do a real number on the mood and the behavior of kids especiallyRead More

How Pet Therapy Works

Most people with pets are content with the companionship that their pets bring to them. This is why pet therapy came about back in the early 1960’s. While Dr. Boris Levinson was working with a mentally impaired and withdrawn young boy, he discovered that his dog, Jingles, had made a positive effect on the boy.Read More

Ultimate Guide for A Recovery Detox Diet

Someone that has suffered from an addiction for any amount of time can do some real damage to their body. Drugs and alcohol wreak havoc on the body especially with heavy abuse because the addiction usually takes precedence over a person’s diet. Addiction can usually cause the body to be nutrient deficient which can poseRead More

Tips to Cope with Your Teen’s Addiction

Commonly people associate addiction with people that are older for a couple of reasons. There is an age requirement for someone to be allowed to legally drink or use or having denial that their young loved ones could take the wrong path into addiction. These are reasons that keep people justifying in their minds thatRead More