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Serenity Oaks Wellness Center offers a comprehensive residential treatment experience that provides medical and psychotherapeutic care for both addiction and underlying mental health issues. We feature a spectrum of services specifically designed and chosen to meet the client’s challenges in addiction and goals for their recovery. Our high level of client care and a full array of amenities offer the right environment for a safe and comfortable recovery process.

The goal of the treatment program at Serenity Oaks Wellness Center is to help clients identify, understand and treat the destructive habit patterns that led them down their path of substance abuse. We go beyond the basics to ensure clients understand the internal issues and find ways to help them address those issues to lower the chances of a relapse in the future.

Why Addiction Treatment?

Addiction treatment is a tough decision, but the benefits of a successful treatment and recovery process can change your life for the better in every way. The primary goals of treatment include achieving and maintaining sobriety over the long term. The most successful programs are customized to the precise needs of each client so that individual issues can be addressed and the client receives the exact tools necessary to overcome the issues and move forward to a healthier lifestyle.

There are different stages that might be included in addiction treatment:

  • Detoxification
  • Inpatient Treatment
  • Outpatient Treatment
  • Ongoing Support


This initial treatment phase is primarily focused on ridding the body of the toxins associated with drugs and alcohol. In some cases, this step can require constant medical supervision, while other clients may not need the same level of attention. Detoxification prepares the body for the treatment work that lies ahead.

Inpatient Treatment

Also known as residential treatment, this approach requires the client to live at the center for a period. Inpatient treatment has numerous advantages, including the ability to completely isolate oneself from the outside world while you focus on your recovery. Therapies are available throughout the day, with ample medical supervision for those that require additional support for a dual diagnosis or other reasons.

Outpatient Treatment

There are different types of outpatient treatment, but all allow a client to go home to attend to work or family functions during the day. Levels of intensity may vary from just three or four hours per day to six hours or more. Outpatient therapy can be a good choice for clients finishing up residential treatment and looking for additional support on a slightly more flexible level as they transition to the next step of their treatment process.

Ongoing Support

The recovery process does not end once the treatment plan is over. Relapse is a long-term risk that is most prevalent in the early months and years of sobriety. A robust support network is a vital component to remaining on the recovery track and preventing a setback. We understand this is an essential element at Serenity Oaks Wellness Center and will provide you with the resources and support necessary to keep you on the right path after you leave our treatment program.

Our Approach

Our customized programs feature an integrative approach that includes medical protocols, clinical therapies and holistic modalities. We also incorporate life skills and recreational options into the mix to ensure our clients meet all their needs to bring about physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. Our team of addiction experts is committed to every client, treating them as a member of the family and investing in the success of their recovery.

The basic program format at Serenity Oaks Wellness is broken down into five weeks that follow our ADORN pattern:


Accountability, Abstinence, Acceptance, Anger, Anxiety, Assertiveness, Action and Absolve

During this initial week of treatment, clients begin to understand the nature of their addiction and initiate accountability for the consequences of their addiction on themselves and others.

Dreams, Determined, Disentangle, Disconnect, Deception, Disembarrass and Direction

The second treatment week is spent identifying the habits formed that led clients down the path of addiction. Research-based methods are used to help obtain long-term sobriety.

Opportunity, Open, Obliterate, Onward and Observe

By week three, clients are learning healthy coping skills and receiving positive feedback for the changes they are making in their lives in the interest of their recovery process. Accountability by both peers and staff ensures the reinforcement necessary to make positive, permanent progress and growth.

Roots, Reconstructing, Roles, Relationships, Regain, Restoring

In the fourth week of treatment, we add family dynamics into the mix. There are many reasons why addiction is called a family disease. In addition to helping clients work through the process of recovery, family members also need education and assistance in dealing with the disease. Our programs are geared to facilitate new boundaries, stop enabling behaviors and learn healthy communication. Families work together through the chaos they have survived and learn to rebuild trust relationships with one another.


The final week of treatment is spent learning to navigate the next phase of sober living. To achieve that goal, clients are paired up as a mentor for new clients just starting the program. We also provide clients the opportunity to participate in either a structured support program or an informal support network to help them remain on track in the early days of their recovery process.

About Our Team

Our team of experienced professionals ensures one of the highest staff-to-patient ratios seen in treatment centers today. Ample staff allows us to focus on each client as an individual, providing sufficient time and attention to address every issue that might have contributed to the onset of the addiction. As we strive to connect with our clients, they receive the support they need to work through their addiction and embark on their recovery process in an environment that is safe and preserves their privacy and dignity.

About Our Facility

Our Fort Lauderdale facility features deluxe accommodations on 7.5 acres that allow clients to enjoy the Florida landscape in a peaceful, natural setting. From the inviting interior boasting private, comfortable rooms, to the extensive outdoor space where clients can relax and reconnect with themselves, Serenity Oaks Wellness Center is a place where you can feel secure and cared for as you begin your recovery process.

About Our Clients

Our comprehensive program and a full continuum of care provide all our clients with the necessary support, medical treatment and psychological therapies to address the underlying issues that led to their addiction and progress them to a healthier lifestyle and a successful sobriety. We work with individuals of all ages and walks of life, tailoring their treatment plans to their precise needs to produce the best possible outcomes. If you or someone you care about is struggling with addiction, Serenity Oaks Wellness Center may be the right place for you to begin your recovery journey. To learn more, contact us today at 844-720-6847.

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