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Individualized Detox

All addictions differ, just as all individuals do. No two people begin using for precisely the same reason, nor do they continue to use for the same reasons. Similarly, drug habits vary — from type of drug used, to quantity, to time of day. Individuals often combine drugs in different ways and at different times for a variety of reasons specific to their mood, personality and circumstances. If you select a detox plan which does not consider these special factors, you will most likely have an uncomfortable as well as an unsuccessful experience.

For a detox to succeed, it must take as many of these unique factors into account as possible. For example, a detox from cocaine and heroin will have different symptoms and warning signs than one from alcohol and prescription drugs and will necessitate different treatments from your doctors. Similarly, if you used mostly at night, for example, your doctors will need to know that you may have the most difficulties during that timeframe and prepare themselves to support you when you need it most. A successful detox will treat as many of your symptoms as comprehensively as possible.

How an Individualized Detox Can Help You Recover From Addiction

An individualized detox takes all aspects of you, your lifestyle and your addiction into consideration, creating a detox plan that treats the symptoms of your drug use and withdrawal and erodes your chemical dependency, allowing you to begin transforming your addictive behaviors. Treating you holistically, rather than as a patient or addict, directly and qualitatively improves your recovery process and increases the likelihood of long-term sobriety.

By specifically treating your use and withdrawal symptoms, you will have the safest possible detox. Our medical team — experienced with detox treatment and prepared for your specific needs — can address issues that will arise and also help prevent those that might. The Serenity Oaks Wellness Center’s doctors can also begin working with our therapists and counselors to tailor on-going treatments based on your response to detox and observed needs.

Among the best treatments you can receive during an individualized detox, however, is the personal, humane care that can help separate you from your addiction. In the vast majority of cases, addiction stems from unmet needs or unlearned skills. A chemical or physical predisposition only aids these other causes. Treating the physical aspects of your addiction, while necessary, does not reach these deeper factors and thus will not cure addiction. An individualized, medically-supervised detox which embodies a holistic approach to treatment, however, can serve as an entryway into a broader healing process.

An Individualized Detox Can Help You Achieve a Long-lasting Sobriety

Whether or not you continue into an integrated, holistic treatment program after your individualized detox, the health-promoting effects of this treatment can have a long-term, positive impact on your recovery. By choosing an individualized detox program, you give yourself the best chance of ending your chemical dependency which will not only have direct health benefits but also help give you the confidence to continue your recovery. Entering further treatment free of chemical dependency also increases its effectiveness.

An integrated approach coupled with an individualized detox further strengthens one of the key components of a long-term and lasting sobriety, the understanding that you are not your addiction. Once you can begin to see your addiction with objectivity and understanding, you can begin to treat its causes with therapy and break free. An individualized, medically-supervised detox which treats you with compassion, as well as medication, can underscore this aspect of recovery making further therapy easier and more effective.

Why Choose The Serenity Oaks Wellness Center for Your Recovery

The Serenity Oaks Wellness Centers strongly believes that an integrated and holistic approach to addiction provides the best possible path to recovery, whether you have used for only a short time or have suffered from abuse for years. The many facets of addiction require a complex approach, but one which your supporters can tailor to meet your unique pattern of addiction. A program that treats the interaction of your physical, emotional and behavioral needs will give you the broadest range of tools and the highest likelihood of success.

The Serenity Oaks Wellness Centers have helped thousands achieve lasting sobriety through individualized detox and an integrated approach to addiction recovery. Call us today at 844-828-1050 to discuss how we can help you on your journey towards life-long wellness.

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