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Comfortable Treatment

You want to get well because addiction is painful, but you may have avoided entering a recovery program because you fear that may be painful too. Recovery, like addiction, can be a painful process since you will begin to reverse the difficult changes your body has already undergone from drug use. However, by selecting the right recovery program, you can significantly reduce, if not eliminate, much of the pain and discomfort you would experience if you attempted to detox on your own.

Comfortable treatment for your addiction has many benefits aside from the obvious ones. If your detox and addiction treatment program are too painful, you will be much more likely to leave without getting the help you need. Treatment which prioritizes compassion, however, can help heal not just the medical aspects of your addiction, but the emotional aspects as well which together can give you a longest-lasting recovery.

Comfortable Care Helps You Complete Your Treatment

A successful detox can have the single greatest impact on your recovery and long-term sobriety. An unsuccessful or incomplete detox means you will still have cravings to use and that impairs the effectiveness of further addiction treatment should you continue therapy. You and your doctors have to address anything that risks completing your detox. Pain and discomfort present two of the greatest threats to unsuccessful treatment. Fortunately, these two aspects of your detox can be controlled in many ways which can help you in the short and long term.

Regardless of your detox plan, your supporters can help minimize your pain in many ways. Your surroundings matter too. Having a comfortable space in which to spend your detox — with staff who understand the difficulty of the process and can look out for your physical and emotional needs — can make a crucial difference on whether you wish to stay or not. Comfort matters because it can be the difference between getting well or remaining stuck in your addiction pattern.

Comfortable care reflects a compassionate approach to recovery — a key to long-term success

Odds are, you began to use to manage pain you could not successfully deal with in other, healthier ways. You sought to improve the quality of your life and heal old or new pain, and — regardless of the specific reasons — you found drugs. Serenity Oaks Wellness wants to help you return to that initial point of self-compassion where you wanted to heal, but instead, we want to arm you with effective tools and strategies so you can complete your healing process in the healthiest possible way — without drugs and alcohol.

While Serenity Oaks Wellness can and will provide you with compassionate care throughout your recovery stay, it is the self-compassion that you will treat yourself with after your stay and for the rest of your life that will have the greatest and longest impact on your recovery. It is this quality, which all aspects of our clinical and therapeutic offerings emphasize, nurture and encourage you to practice so when you leave recovery, you can care for yourself with confidence and success.

You Deserve Comfortable Care

After addiction, recovery will rank among the most difficult experiences you will encounter in your life, but you don’t have to suffer to succeed, and it doesn’t have to be harder than it needs to be. The Serenity Oaks Wellness’ staff will treat you like a guest throughout your stay because our clinical care represents our attitude towards you as a person and your wellness. You deserve a comfortable experience for the same reason you deserve wellness — because you matter.

The fact is, you deserve to be well, and you deserve sobriety. Seeking help is the first of many good decisions you will make on your journey towards life-long wellness. Serenity Oaks Wellness wants to do everything possible to support you in your decision and help you every step of the way. You will feel the difference Serenity Oaks Wellness will make on your recovery. We are here for you.

Comfortable is not Optional

Long-term sobriety requires many things. A successful detox is one of them, as is follow-up addiction treatment to address the behavioral aspects of your drug use. Compassionate care in the form of comfortable treatment is one of those necessary components — it is not optional. Comfortable treatment not only underscores the effectiveness of the clinical treatment you will receive at Serenity Oaks Wellness, but it is also a valuable skill you will learn and take with you as you manage your own sobriety after treatment. When you begin to treat yourself with great care and self-worth, everything you have learned during your treatment will not only work better, but also make sense, and you will have the confidence that you can continue your own sobriety for years to come.

Call Serenity Oaks Wellness at 844-720-6847 for more information about our detox and addiction treatment offerings and the different comfortable treatment can make towards achieving your long-term wellness goals.

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