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Thrive Alumni

Thrive Alumni Mentor Program

What does it mean to thrive?

Our experience speaks directly to the idea that recovery is not just about going to “meetings” and staying clean. Recovery is so much more than that. To THRIVE in your recovery means to challenge yourself, achieve your personal goals, continual growth, and most importantly being of service to others.

Who we are:
Most likely if you have chosen to read this message you are either close to or are currently experiencing the first moments associated with your break through into a healthy recovery. As the big book states in its promises. You will know “a new freedom and a new happiness”.

Each of us like yourself was in search of “something” through our drug and alcohol use, and after many years of “ill-fated research” we realized that the thing we sought after for many years perhaps was not the right thing after all. Especially once you consider the great amount of consequences that were directly tied to this way of living, where every door seemed to lead to more and more hopelessness.

We are delighted to inform you the story you have strung together has not been in vain but a preparation for something far beyond your present thought capacity. You have the opportunity to awaken just as we have. This takes place the moment you choose to surrender to a new way of thinking. Lets be honest, when it comes to your addiction where has your greatest thinking brought you? Now hear us out, this apparent weakness we call addiction which has caused us a great deal of guilt and shame in turn becomes our greatest asset. Yes! Our greatest asset.

This is our story and it is available to you and it no longer speaks from a place of victimhood but from a place of empowerment and courage. Now you can experience life at its fullest knowing you have the choice to THRIVE rather than simply survive. So join us!


Thrive provides the alumni with 24-hour phone support. If you need the locations and times of a meeting when you’re traveling, life gets challenging, or if you just need someone to talk to. That’s what we’re here for!


The relationship we create with you does not end the moment you move from treatment to the next phase of your recovery journey. As a matter of fact, our service extends way beyond the doors through various mentoring avenues and resources available to you.


A wise man once said “knowledge is knowing and wisdom is doing”. The same applies with the knowledge you gained from your treatment experience. Local and online aftercare groups are here for you to share with alumni members the challenges and successes of your journey. As a community we can prevail together!

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