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Group Therapy

Overcoming addiction requires support. You can rely on the support of your family and friends, of course, but you will also need the support of experienced professionals who can assist you with the medical and clinical aspects of addiction. During your detox and addiction treatment stay, and after you leave it, you will still need many resources to sustain your sobriety and avoid the possibility of relapse.

Group therapy provides a tested and reliable means to get the support you need during your transition away from drugs and alcohol, and also after you leave supervised treatment. In group therapy, you will discover that many other people face problems similar to your own and have insights and solutions that can help you on your journey as well. Learning and relying on others can provide you a healthy way to stay sober long-term and also give you a way to contribute to the sobriety of others.

You Are Not Alone

Addiction can feel incredibly isolating. If you have depended on drugs and alcohol to feel good and avoid problems, it likely has affected your personal relationships in many negative ways. You may also have felt too embarrassed to admit you have a problem and to ask for help because you’ve felt a loss of control over your drug use and your life. However, you have made the right step in choosing a medically-supervised detox and addiction treatment program.

Working with drug addiction professionals, however, is just one of the crucial offerings you will receive during your stay at Serenity Oaks Wellness. Group therapy puts you in touch with individuals who — like yourself — have struggled with problems like your own, and who have also made the brave choice to get help and get well. In this compassionate and caring community, you will quickly see that you are not alone, and you will no longer feel alone. You can slowly and steadily begin to chip away at the isolation which has helped sustain your habit.

Your peers can help you and you can help them

Like many things in life, the most difficult undertakings can often be the most rewarding. You may find it extremely difficult to share your personal experiences about how your habit started, how it affected your life and what brought you to seek help. However, each of your peers at Serenity Oaks Wellness has a similar story. In the judgment-free environment we foster, your fears of stigma and feelings of shame will quickly give way to a freedom to express many things which you have kept inside for a very long time.

You will discover, as your peers share their own challenges and successes, that different individuals will have unique and insightful perspectives on problems you have in common, and what you have to share may very well be exactly what someone else in the group needs to hear. One of the greatest resources during your transition and after, you may find, is not your doctors or therapists, but your peers who, like yourself, have lived and fought with addiction and, like you, want to get better.

You Can’t Beat Addiction Alone

If you could beat addiction without help, you wouldn’t need detox or addiction treatment. While you are responsible for your addiction, many factors contributed to you turning to drugs and relying on them. The complexity of addiction requires clinical assistance, but addiction is not solely a clinical problem. Family, friends and especially your peers can do a great deal to offer you emotional support, companionship and insight and help you heal.

Building on common bonds discovered in a group therapy environment, you can begin building relationships based on trust, shared goals and mutual kindness that you can take with you and rely on after treatment. Whether that takes the form of continued, personal relationships fostered during group therapy, or commitment to continue group therapy after your treatment, your relationships will not simply help you stay sober, but can provide an alternative to drug use and be reliable sources of happiness, levity and well-being.

Group Therapy and an Integrated Approach to Recovery Can Build Long-lasting Sobriety

Serenity Oaks Wellness doesn’t treat patients; it treats people. We want you to get well and achieve a sustainable sobriety. Our clinical offerings are but one necessary step to attaining that outcome. Our holistic approach considers all aspects of your recovery, including your psychological and emotional well-being.

Group therapy that recognizes, values and respects your personal experiences and contributions — with compassion and without judgment — can help you heal in more ways than just medically and can give you more than just tools and strategies. Group therapy can help foster hope, connection and lasting relationships that nurture your long-term well-being.

Call Serenity Oaks Wellness today at 844-720-6847 to discuss how group therapy as a part of a larger individualized approach to addiction recovery can help give you the advantages and the support you need to sustain your sobriety for years to come.

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