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Our Program

Our extensive five-week program is developed around the philosophy that our clients are given the opportunity, structure and time to redefine and reclaim their lives. Each week is dedicated to a different focus of the recovery journey with the goal of preparing our clients for sobriety. Our program addresses a variety of issues that lead to addiction and provides a range of treatment modalities to reach every client personally. Tradition meets innovation in a collection of therapies and practices created to give all our clients the best odds of a successful, long-term recovery.

Our comprehensive program requires collaboration and cooperation among our clinical, medical and recreational staff to create a plan that maximizes the client’s experience. Within our safe and tranquil environment, we support our clients through the treatment process, providing them with coping tools, life skills and a sober support system that will increase the odds of long-lasting sobriety and a higher quality of life overall.

Components of Our Program

Our personalized treatment plans are skillfully implemented by highly trained therapists and based on the traditional 12-step program. Many of our staff members have significant experience in addiction treatment so they know firsthand what is involved in overcoming addiction. In addition to traditional modalities, we incorporate a holistic approach that not only treats the addiction but also heals the mind, body and spirit. The components of our program include:

  • Medical Treatment
  • Clinical Treatment

Medical Treatment

We offer our clients comprehensive medical treatment that is customized for each of their needs. Our experienced medical staff will assess all aspects of the client’s profile to tailor a protocol that can be used to address any relevant and specific issues that may require management during the client’s stay at Serenity Oaks Wellness Center. As part of our medical treatment, we also work with clients with a possible dual diagnosis, treating both the addiction and the mental illness simultaneously to achieve the best possible results.

Clinical Treatment

Our clinical treatment modalities run the gamut of psychotherapy to motivate and assist all our clients with their precise needs. Rational emotive therapy may be used to help clients identify self-defeating thoughts and feeling to counter issues like anxiety, guilt and depression. Cognitive behavioral therapy teaches coping skills and increased self-efficiency to produce a decreased risk for relapse. Educational groups are designed for both the client and the family unit to create healthier behaviors and relationships.

Life Skills Education

Our clients will learn basic hygiene, budgeting, time management, job-seeking skills and resume building. Nutritional classes are offered daily, educating the client on the intrinsic connection between the mind and body.

Recreation and Social Skills Education

Social interaction and exercise are both crucial elements in a successful recovery program. We offer our clients a setting which allows for activity programs geared to all intensity levels to accommodate all of our clients and promote a healthier, more active lifestyle.

Holistic Therapy

Non-traditional treatment options provide the opportunity for clients to restore the mind, body and spirit naturally. Many of these modalities help clients cultivate mindfulness, reduce physical pain and create a spirit of serenity. We offer holistic therapies such as yoga, meditation and acupuncture among others.

ADORNING Our Clients

The five weeks you spend at our facility will entail five weeks of our staff ADORNing you at Serenity Oaks Wellness. While our program allows for ample customization to each client’s needs, the basic structure ensures vital elements of recovery are covered during the time our clients spend at our center. Weeks are broken down as follows:

Week One
Week Two
Week Three
Week Four
Week Five

Week One

We spend this first week educating clients about addiction – how it starts and how it impacts family and friends in addition to consequences for the individual. We call this “A” week, which stands for acceptance, accountability, action, abstinence, assertiveness, anxiety and anger.

Week Two

The second week at Serenity Oaks Wellness offers time to identify and explore habits and issues that lead clients down the addiction path. By identifying the practices, we can replace them with healthier choices that obtain and maintain long-term sobriety. “D” week refers to disconnecting, deception, determination, disentanglement, direction and dreams.

Week Three

At this point of the recovery program, clients are starting to focus on learning healthy ways of coping that will prevent them from returning to the addiction path. As changes are made, positive feedback is given to reinforce the new behaviors. Accountability is also established, as clients must report to peers and staff about the positive progress they are making in the treatment journey. Week three or “O” week targets openness, onward focus, observation, obliteration and opportunity.

Week Four

As clients near the end of their time at Serenity Oaks Wellness, we add family dynamics to the therapy process to help family members, as well as our clients, work through the recovery process. Addiction is not an individual disease; it impacts everyone surrounding the individual. In some cases, an unhealthy family unit also leads to the substance dependency or perpetuates the cycle. As families learn to work together through the experience, they discover how to rebuild trust and positive, healthy relationships with one another. “R” week is focused on restoration, reconstruction, relationships, roles and roots.

Week Five

The final treatment week is spent preparing clients for the transition from treatment to daily life. To reach this goal, clients are paired up with others beginning the program as a mentor to help new clients get acclimated to Serenity Oaks Wellness. As you exit your treatment program, you will also be able to connect with a support network or participate in a more structured support program, depending on your preference. This “N” week is all about navigating to the next phase of a sober lifestyle.

Choosing the right treatment program for you can make all the difference between enduring sobriety and a higher risk for relapse. Contact Serenity Oaks Wellness today at 844-720-6847 to learn more about our program and take your first step on the path to recovery and a higher quality of life.

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