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Continuum of Care

Just like with most endeavors, a plan for success is needed for your detox and addiction recovery. A recovery facility which can share with you a sound and thorough continuum of care means that they follow a plan that will help you achieve sobriety by offering treatments focused on each of the individual stages you will face as you move from addiction to wellness. While all individuals and addictions differ, you will go through the same stages of recovery as other addicts regardless of your individualized treatment plan.

Each of these stages plays an important role in helping you stay sober for life. Those stages include initial assessment, residential treatment — which may include a medically-supervised detox, outpatient care, sobriety support and relapse prevention. An individualized and holistic approach to addiction recovery takes the detailed information it gathers about you and your addiction and uses it to create a plan to guide you to sobriety long after you’ve completed clinical treatment. This comprehensive approach will give you the greatest assurance of long-lasting sobriety.

Addiction Recovery Has Many Stages

Because of the complexity of addiction, you cannot expect to complete a 30 or 90-day program and leave addiction permanently behind you. Even a short-term detox program will include multiple stages all necessary for your recovery. A continuum of care guides your doctors, your supporters and you throughout the addiction recovery process and is necessary because your needs will change depending on where you are in your recovery and your treatment, to be successful, must also change with you.

For example, during detox, you may need around-the-clock supervision in addition to pain medications, while after your addiction treatment, you may need weekly support groups to support you emotionally and keep you focused on your long-term goals. Your needs will differ at different times, and a continuum of care keeps you and your backers on the same page and ensures you get the kind of care you need when you need it.

A Continuum of Care is Crucial to Long-term Recovery

You will need a continuum of care protocol to maintain your long-term sobriety. Without a continuum of care tailored to you and your addiction pattern, you will have no guarantee of receiving the care and support you will need for success at every stage. This plan has special importance because addiction recovery very often requires a team of professionals working together with you to achieve a single goal, and it is crucial for them and you to understand your progress and continuing and evolving needs, both from a practical and emotional stand-point. Just as completing every stage in addiction recovery is crucial to your long-term success, so is receiving appropriate care which continues the work of your previous stage of treatment and builds on it. It is the cumulative effect of your recovery program, not just the success of any one stage that will improve your chances of staying sober.

It’s Important to See the Big Picture

When you can monitor your progress along your path to sobriety, you will experience greater confidence which will help you stick to your treatment, especially when you know you can count on the resources you need being there for you when you need them. You can achieve long-term sobriety, but as with many other larger life goals, you often must focus on steady progress, one day and one step at a time. When you understand the specific goals you need to reach during each stage of your recovery, you can increase your focus, your confidence and your long-term outcome. Sobriety emerges from reaching small and large goals which all give you skills you need to deal with challenges and new ways to think about them. Everything you learn at Serenity Oaks Wellness and from a full recovery program guided by a continuum of care will return your hard work many times over.

An Individualized, Holistic Approach to Addiction Recovery Helps You Stay on Track

With so much complexity and change, you can see why a continuum of care has such a critical importance to your long-term recovery goals. What maximizes the value of a continuum of care plan, however, is an individualized and holistic approach to recovery which ensures that any treatment plan you follow speaks directly to you, your personality type, unique challenges and pattern of drug use.

This critical analysis of your needs makes sure that you don’t simply get individual therapy, but individual therapy which works for you and can give you skills you can use, now and in the long-term. An individualized, holistic approach to addiction recovery, founded on compassionate, humane and empathetic care, can address both the breadth and depth of your problems with drugs and give everything you need to conquer them.

Call 844-720-6847 today to speak with a Serenity Oaks Wellness representative about how an individualized, holistic approach to recovery, which relies on an end-to-end continuum of care, can help you achieve long-term sobriety.

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