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First Time Detox

Whether your addiction began as a coping mechanism for a significant trauma, a reaction to life’s daily frustrations, or continued use of a prescription drug, you have already taken the most difficult step — admitting you need help.

Having chosen to recover does not mean that you won’t face additional challenges as you progress through the stages of your recovery. In fact, many recovering addicts consider their first-time detox the most difficult part of their recovery process.

A successful first-time detox, however, can strongly influence your overall recovery. Safely breaking your body’s chemical dependence will enhance the benefits of your follow-up treatments and increase your likelihood of achieving a lasting sobriety.

Why You Need Medical-Supervision for Your First-time Detox

A first detox, while not an addiction treatment, forms the basis of nearly all addiction treatment programs. During this stage, you will pass the substance of addiction from your body. This necessary stage poses many unique challenges, however — both physical and emotional.

Users, their drug-use patterns and the severity of their addictions all differ, guaranteeing that no two detox experiences will resemble one another. Further, if you’ve used other drugs along with your primary drug, you will have a more complex detox. Most likely you will find it extremely difficult and uncomfortable, as well as dangerous, to detox on you own, and this can easily compel you to use again as self-treatment.

Emotional challenges will also add to these physical challenges. You may not know what to expect as you enter detox, and even if you come prepared, the experience of detox can naturally leave you feeling uncomfortable, disoriented and confused. Without experienced medical supervision, these emotional reactions can also lead to continued drug use as a remedy.

Relapse poses among the biggest threats to you during your detox. In addition to on-going health damage, your risk of overdose increases if you continue using after a detox. A failed detox can also set up a pattern of detox followed by continued drug use, creating a vicious cycle which makes your path to recovery even more difficult.

A first detox harbors many risks including emotional trauma, health dangers, and an increased likelihood of relapse, on-going use, overdose and even death. These threats make medical supervision an essential component to a successful detox, but medical care alone does not ensure success.

The Serenity Oaks Wellness Centers’ medically-supervised detox program — guided by empathetic and compassionate physicians who understand the emotional and physical implications of addiction — offers a crucial difference, one which can help make your first detox your last.

How an Integrated Approach Can Support Your Medically-supervised First-time Detox

A first-time detox cleanses your body but does not treat addiction. The reasons which lead you to use, the triggers which prompted use, the behaviors which sustained use, and your body’s cravings for drugs all likely remain. A first-time detox — even a very successful one — will require addiction treatment to achieve and sustain sobriety.

The Serenity Oaks Wellness Center’s first-time detox offering incorporates many elements from its broader integrated recovery model which guides all aspects of our care. Treating you with compassion not only makes your stay more pleasant but also helps teach self-compassion, an essential component of addiction recovery.

Likewise, by treating you as a person and not as a patient, our care plan can better approximate experiences you will have after your recovery stay, giving you more opportunities to practice what you’ve learned and improve your chances of long-term, drug-free life.

The Serenity Oaks Wellness Center’s integrated approach gives its therapeutic staff the flexibility to treat the widest range of addiction scenarios which means, whatever your past experiences, you can find support to meet your individual needs. Combined with a first-time detox based on medically-appropriate treatment and empathetic, person-to-person care, we feel confident we can help you find your way towards sobriety.

The Serenity Oaks Wellness Center offers multi-tiered options to treat every level of addiction, including addiction with co-occurring disorders and relapse. Call us today at 844-828-1050 to discuss how a personalized and integrated approach to recovery can help you leave addiction behind and live a healthy, drug-free lifestyle.

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