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The Serenity Oaks Family Packet



Welcome to the Serenity Oaks Family Packet

On this page, you will find everything you need to know in order to get the most out of our FAMILY PROGRAM. A long-lasting recovery begins with the family working together and understanding their individual roles in the recovery process. As a family, you and your loved one can recover!

If you are a family member of a loved one in treatment please enter the password provided to you by your admission counselor. Once you enter the password provided you will have access to all of the FAMILY PACKET content below. If you would like to learn more and have access to our Family Packet materials please call the number up above. You may also LIVE CHAT with one of our team members to learn more about the benefits of the Serenity Oaks Family Program and its value to the recovery process of your household.

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Why is Addiction called a Family disease?

Addiction is called “a family disease” for a good reason. Families suffer alongside their loved one as they go through the downward spiral of addiction. By the time most families reach out for help, the disease has progressed to a crisis level. Families feel traumatized and overwhelmed as they have been regularly lied to and betrayed by their loved one. There are arguments, confrontations, and sleepless nights. Often, there are more severe consequences such as a car accident, a lost job, or arrest.

What is the value of the family participating in recovery?

Families need help when dealing with a loved one caught in the addictive cycle of substance abuse. Serenity Oaks educational and support programs assist family members in learning about the disease of addiction and how it has affected the lives of everyone touched by this disease. With care and support, your family can work through the chaos you’ve experienced and begin to understand how to set healthy boundaries to rebuild a trusting relationship with your loved one.

Here are some tools to help you on the journey of healing

Below is a viewable and downloadable guide that will help you understand the components involved in the addiction-to-recovery process. This guide will answer many of your questions when it comes to addiction and how everyone contributes to the process. We will be with you as you and your loved one begin the process of healing, one day at a time.

More about the Information Packet

Download the PDF Here
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