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Support for Families Affected by Addiction

The Serenity Oaks Family Program

Addiction takes its toll on the family as well as the individual, so involving the family in the therapy process is a crucial factor in its success. During the fourth week of our program we strive to facilitate new boundaries, stop enabling behaviors and establish healthy lines of communication within the family unit to build a healthy support network and improve the odds of long-term recovery.

During Family Week, family members and significant others are invited on campus to actively participate in their loved one’s recovery process.

Family program for addiction recovery

In the weeks before Family Week, clients discover that much of their current dysfunctional behavior stems from past traumas. Family and those invested in the person struggling with addiction will also be given assignments and educated about addiction and the recovery process. We believe family should play a significant role in the process of resolving that trauma; Family Week provides an opportunity for clients and their families to understand their family origin and current family systems and begin the healing process together.

Helping families heal from addiction

The group setting – family members, clients, and their family therapist – allows for an open and honest reflection of the behavior patterns that contributed to a client’s unhealthy lifestyle. Clients and their families learn how to better communicate, support each other emotionally, and establish appropriate boundaries. This collaboration fosters the healing process and brings the family closer together. It has also been proven as a significant factor in long-term healing and recovery.

Family Week is an important time dedicated to healing the relationships that years of unhealthy living have separated.

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At Serenity Oaks family members can find the support they need to begin their own healing journey through the Family Program

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