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What Role Does Spirituality Have in Recovery?

The topic of spirituality can be risky to discuss with some people that are trying to stay sober because the interpretation of what spirituality means can be misconstrued without proper knowledge of what it truly means. To some it is offensive, and to others it can be a great solace for inner peace. For someone who is seeking recovery from drugs and alcohol, the suggestion of spirituality may come easier for some, while others fight it tooth and nail because it makes them uncomfortable due to past events that have taken place around religion. Spirituality does not have to involve religion to have the piousness for what makes spirituality so beneficial.

In a 12-Step program, the form of personal Spirituality is of your own conception. Seeking a Higher Power can be whatever you chose, which does not have to be about any divine deity. The point of having spirituality in recovery, is to put faith into something bigger than yourself.

When you were trying to run the show in your addiction, it did not work out well for you. Trusting in something that can make your life better, gives you an opportunity to stop controlling everything by just simply going with the flow. Now, that can be easier said than done, but not taking a chance to try and give your life over to something that is good and all-encompassing for your own well-being, seems like a terrible opportunity to waste. What you were trying before did not work, so what do you have to lose to try and see what having a Higher Power is all about?

Spirituality can give you a chance when you are recovering from drugs and alcohol to turn to a Higher Power for guidance, support, and a moral compass that can help navigate when there seems like there is nowhere else you can turn. With this new way of life, you can break away from your past while keeping your memories alive in your mind to reference when you feel weak, need a reminder of what it was like, or learning how have compassion for others and yourself.

By giving a Higher Power a little bit of material to work with can become a beautiful thing if you will let it. This is your experience. Make it the best ever by letting go and letting spirituality.

If you or someone you know is struggling with drugs and alcohol, Serenity Oaks Wellness Center can show you how to get sober one day at a time. Our holistic therapy and 12-Step aspects together can help you to live a spiritual life in recovery.

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