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What is Dabbing?

What is Dabbing?

These days it can be hard to keep up with all the drug lingo because it seems to be continuously evolving. Part of this process is to keep drugs as clandestine as possible and the other part is how innovative drugs have become to get the best possible high. One of the newest ways that people are consuming marijuana is by dabbing. While this method may have become more prevalent in the last 6 years, dabbing has been an obscure practice for decades in a small percentage in the drug community. The popularity for dabbing has risen due to the legalization of pot and the developments that have been made with medical marijuana.

So, what is dabbing? The simple answer is when a piece of cannabis extract, or a dab, gets pressed against a heated surface of a pipe ring so that the smoke can be inhaled. The dabs are concocted by using a solvent such as butane or carbon dioxide to extract the THC from the plant. This results in a sicky oil or wax which is known as dab wax or hash oil but also slangily called budder, butane hash oil, or shatter.  

There are dangers that are associated with dabbing that should be considered. Since dabbing can be much more expensive than buying a traditional dime bag of weed, people have begun to experiment with making their own hash oil or wax. The actual extracting process can be risky for someone who is a novice. Having poor ventilation along with combustible gases can cause an unnecessary explosion for someone who does not know what they are doing. The other threatening possibility of DIY dabs is making a pure product. Even if there is not a formidable point during extraction, the oil may contain excessive chemical contaminants and residual solvents that could cause the dabs to become hazardous rather than beneficial for medicinal use or to get simply get high.

Cannabis extract can test to an efficacy of between 60-80 percent making the dabs extremely potent than what a normal cannabis bud emanates. One would only need a sparring amount of the extract or else the person could encounter discomforting symptoms that can develop from obtaining too intense of a marijuana high.

The dabbing technique is still fairly new with cannabis modernisms and has become more mainstream with states legalizing marijuana. Being informed with newer products can help a person to make better decisions when it comes to the ever inventiveness of marijuana.

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