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Try These Tips to Boost Your Self Esteem Following Relapse

Try These Tips to Boost Your Self Esteem Following Relapse

Having confidence in sobriety is the key to boosting yourself in recovery, especially after relapse. When relapse happens, it can be followed by feelings of shame and guilt that can eat away at getting up and moving forward again. Getting stuck in the loop of negative thinking can be detrimental unless there are some tools in place to get things rolling again.

Restoring Respect

When negative thoughts pervade following relapse, it can often lead to further substance abuse. Once a person resolves to quit using drugs and alcohol, self-esteem can finally start being rebuilt. Getting your groove back is sometimes harder than it looks, but it is not impossible. Try these tips to help get started on the right foot:

  • Damage control is essential. Get caught up on work, school, bills, and laundry. Do the essential things to get life moving again that were left behind during the relapse.
  • Make amends. Relapse can harm relationships and break the bonds of trust that were rebuilt. Take responsibility, and ask forgiveness if you missed responsibilities.
  • Forgive yourself. The quickest way to relapse again is through self-condemnation. Recovery is hard but getting back on the road to long term recovery is key (with forgiveness at the helm).
  • Make a plan. Learning how to reduce stress in life, start meditating, and avoid stressful situations are important tools. Once these tools are in place, it is easier to get moving forward and stop getting distracted so easily.
  • Seek help. Support groups, therapists, religious leaders, or friends are important for the recovery journey. Not everyone will want to help but professionals and therapists are there to fill in gaps where family members and friends are not able to help.

Moving Forward

The biggest reason people don’t move forward following relapse is shame. There is nothing to be ashamed about when it comes to relapse. It happens to many people in recovery. The goal is not to be frustrated or give up on the goal of sobriety. With the tools provided and a good accountability system, it is easier to find a way of moving forward if relapse happens without caving into the shame and blame game.

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