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Why Do I Need a Sponsor?

You may feel great right now. You’re in a rehab, or actively attending fellowship meetings for an addiction. Everything is on the up and up, so you ask, why do I need a sponsor? People in recovery can at first be in a bubble. They don’t expect things to get harder, but often hard timesRead More

Why Do I Have to Work the Steps with a Sponsor?

One of the best things about 12-Step programs is that you do not HAVE to do anything. 12-Step programs are based off suggestions rather than demands. Doing what is suggested has been shown by addicts that these programs are successful if they put the work in. One of the main suggestions of the program isRead More

Should You Put ‘Recovery’ on Your Resume?

Although it is not necessary to put your recovery on your resume, it is probably in your best interest to be honest about your recovery to people that are in a managerial role. You may be embarrassed telling a potential employer about your recovery, but honesty is the best policy. Keeping secrets or lying aboutRead More

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