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Ways to Regain Your Momentum in Recovery

Many times, your recovery can come to a crossroads that keeps you unsure of what your true purpose is. Life still happens when you get sober, and you may experience grief, disappointment, heartache, detachment, or defiance during the circumstances that occur. These emotions can play tricks on your mind to create triggers and cravings thatRead More

How Can I Avoid Relapse?

Whether you are newly sober, or you have been sober for a while, protecting your sobriety at all costs is a must especially when you know that you might be going through a tough season of sobriety. Reach out Getting involved in a 12-Step program will give you some much needed support during a tryingRead More

Learning to Navigate Life in Sobriety

Congratulations! You did it. You got sober which is an amazing feat to overcome. Now how do you navigate your way through a life in sobriety? Some people seem to float aimlessly through sobriety on a pink cloud and others have a really hard time steering in the right direction. While there is no bookRead More

How Do I Move on From Addiction?

“Once a cheater, always a cheater” can be heard as a mantra for those who may not believe that people can change their bad behaviors. That phrase may make you feel like you are doomed to have a life with the negative effects of addiction. You can, however, change the route of your own destinyRead More

Can Good Opportunities Come From Getting Sober?

Sobriety is not just a healthier option for you, but it can also be a lucky break. Good opportunities can come from becoming sober and they may be in ways that you might have never thought were possible before. Getting sober initiates these opportunities, but it is the actions that you take that will bringRead More

9 Ways to Socialize Without Drugs or Alcohol

Socializing may seem impossible without the help of drugs and alcohol to loosen you up. Getting back into the social game can get easier over time with the help of a few simple tips. Be friendly. In this day and age people are really skeptical about what others want from them. Be impartial in theRead More

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