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How Can I Ward Off a Toxic Family Member?

Having people around that are toxic is not good for quality of life. Friends that push buttons and are calculating can be easier to let go off once they cross the line of being unsupportive because they are just friends. What happens when it is your family? Do you just let go of somebody thatRead More

How to Help a Loved One When They Return from Rehab

When a loved one who has become addicted to drugs and/or alcohol gets sober and goes to rehab, it is an exciting, but also a trying time for everyone involved. On one hand, an addict’s loved ones are relieved that their loved one is accounted for and they no longer must second guess what isRead More

Tips to Reconnect with Your Family Before the Holidays

Addiction is a family disease that affects everyone that it comes in contact with. Once an addict gets sober, it is not likely that life will become automatically better without some work on themselves and the relationships that are important to them. Addicts in recovery should learn to take responsibility for their actions. By doingRead More

Best Tips to Being Present on Christmas Morning

Christmas can be a time for addicts and alcoholics in recovery to keep their distance because they can feel like they are outcasts from the rest of the world. Early sobriety can leave addicts and alcoholics seemingly raw. The feeling of unworthiness can arise in lieu of celebrating something as meaningful as Christmas morning festivities.Read More

Drug Slang: How to Know if Your Teenager is Using

Teenagers are synonymous for trying to pull the wool over their parent’s eyes to get away with something. In this day and age of technology, teenagers have come up with their own language to be able to text and email their friends to communicate drug slang without their parents knowing any difference. Even with parentalRead More

Should You Be in a Relationship in Early Sobriety?

Getting into a relationship in the first year of recovery is typically frowned upon. There are so many changes going on in your life that a relationship can distract you from recovery. Addiction usually stunts a person emotionally causing their maturity level to possibly be the same age as when they started drinking and using,Read More

How Can I Help Someone to Get into Treatment?

A loved one with an addiction may have their grip on you with all the stronghold that their addiction can muster. Since addictions are powerful and incomprehensible, you are probably tired and feel like you can no longer go on in this mode. There is a way out that will not only take courage fromRead More

Can Good Opportunities Come From Getting Sober?

Sobriety is not just a healthier option for you, but it can also be a lucky break. Good opportunities can come from becoming sober and they may be in ways that you might have never thought were possible before. Getting sober initiates these opportunities, but it is the actions that you take that will bringRead More

Foundations of Healthy Relationships in Recovery

Relationships require maintenance on a day to day basis. They take work by all the participants that are involved. When we are in recovery, we have many things that we need to address to move forward and grow.  One of the things that we must learn in recovery is how to have a foundation inRead More

Can I Keep My Old Friends After I Get Sober?

The common phrase of “new playmates and new playgrounds” promotes discovering different people to hang with and different places to frequent in sobriety. To get good quality recovery, you must change everything about your life where addiction played a part. Early sobriety can leave you susceptible to being influenced by the peers that surround you.Read More

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