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I Don’t Want to Go to Rehab in October

Of course you don’t want to go or be in rehab in October. The weather is cooling down, people are out and about shopping for fall clothes, couples walk through the park, farmers watch their crops begin to fade, and where are you? You may not think it now, but you are on an deepRead More

How to Know When You Finally “Got It” in Rehab

When first going to rehab, it can feel like walking into a brand new room full of classmates the first day of school. Nobody knows each other, and everyone is walking in with different experiences, from different places in the journey. At first it is overwhelming, but with a little time, it begins to feelRead More

What Can Family Expect When a Loved One Returns from Rehab?

Everyone is likely to be excited, nervous, even anxious about the arrival of a loved one after time in rehab. There is something about the expectant waiting for someone that has gone through a challenging time because there are ideas about how that person may or may not have changed during that time. It mayRead More

Why Holistic Therapy Works in Rehab

Holistic therapy is used to treat the body, the mind, and the soul as one entity. To keep integration intact for wellness, the entire person is addressed in treatment rather than trying to access the symptoms of an illness one by one. Instead of solely treating specific ailments, holistic therapy uses the attitudes, beliefs, emotions,Read More

Do I Need Anger Management in Rehab?

Someone that abuses drugs and alcohol are typically trying to escape emotions, such as anger, to get through life much easier. What usually happens is that someone who has a substance abuse disorder tends to get overly emotional under the influence and may express anger in an uncontrollable manner. There seems to be an underlyingRead More

4 Things That Are Important to Do After Rehab

You may have found yourself some security from your addiction while you were surrounded by the walls of your rehabilitation facility to receive the help that you desperately needed. Unfortunately, the road to recovery does not end here. Now that you have made it out of treatment, there are some important things that you needRead More

Will Going to Rehab Cure My Addiction?

Having continued problems due to your addiction could mean finding yourself receiving treatment at a rehabilitation center. Although there is much work to do regarding your addiction during treatment, there is no cure for addiction. Only conventional abstinence can help to get you clean and sober which has been shown to be more statistically prevalentRead More

Treatment is a Time to Disconnect from the Rest of the World

A life of addiction is usually one of chaotic mishaps. Most of the addict’s time is occupied with trying to fill the void that addictive behaviors temporarily fix. Signs of addiction such as overindulging and blacking out can become the reasons that somebody needs to attend rehab. While in treatment, an addict may need toRead More

What Other Issues can be Treated During my Addiction Rehab?

Depending on what an addiction rehab specifically treats, you can decide whether a rehab will work best for you. There are rehabs that will solely attend to just alcoholism or just drug addiction, but there are also rehabs that can help with a multitude of other issues that may have formed into a dual diagnosisRead More

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