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Observations You’ll Make About Yourself During Treatment

Getting into treatment is a great starting point to a better life in recovery. You may not know what to expect during treatment, but the best-case scenario is that you detect some changes from within as a direct result from working the program during your rehab stint. Observations You’ll Make About Yourself You do betterRead More

Everything You Will Regain in Recovery

Addiction is merciless and it will stop at nothing to take everything you have away, bit by bit. As dramatic as this may sound, it is the absolute truth. The validity of this statement comes in the hands of people that have been addicted to a substance or a behavior. Very rarely do you seeRead More

Are You Moving Through the Stages of Change?

Behavioral change is a gradual process that involves different stages of life. Whether struggling with addiction or knowing somebody that has an addiction, the transtheoretical model (TTM) is a good starting place to figure out how to progress through what is called the stages of change. The TTM helps evaluate readiness to carry out healthierRead More

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