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What Does Nutrition Have to Do with Recovery?

People who have abused drugs and alcohol tend to lose sight of self-care. Most people in recovery are not thinking about eating well in sobriety. The idea that nutrition is critical for recovery has not caught on with people and it takes some retraining in how people see and think of themselves, and their bodies,Read More

Why Nutrition in Recovery is So Critical

True recovery is about restoring your mind and body — and eating healthy takes full concentration and focus, which is hard to do in the midst of everything else happening in recovery. It may actually be the very last thing on people’s minds. The challenge is that people with addiction are often malnourished by theRead More

What Is The Best Balance Of Nutrition For Recovery?

A good diet is absolutely foundational for mental health as well physical health. In reality, there is no distinction between mental and physical health. Anything you can do to make yourself healthier will almost certainly make you feel better and think better too. Trying to figure out what is actually the healthiest way to eatRead More

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