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Nature Should Play a Part in Recovery

The saying get out and smell the roses has great merit when it comes to recovery. In recovery, the routines you depended upon no longer serve you. It can be hard to get through a day or even ten minutes without the drug of your choice cajoling you. If you feel anxious, desperate, alone, orRead More

Why We Love the Views Nature Gives Us

Nature is infinite, beautiful, powerful and healing. We know you’ve come a long way to get here. You have a lot of work ahead. What could be more soothing than looking out at the ocean? Our view changes all the time. That’s the same as your life. You’ve already made a huge change by decidingRead More

Why Getting Into Nature Can Help Boost Recovery

Impulsivity, anxiety, fear, all emotions which can drag down recovery. Even in the best of times, recovery can be a game of up and down. Sometimes emotions feel high and a person feels on top of the world, then everything can feel like it is crashing down. One of the best known ways to improveRead More

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