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How Can I Open My Heart in Recovery?

When coming into a rehab or our first fellowship meeting, we may feel shut down, angry or defeated. It’s normal because our world has been turned upside down and inside out. It takes time to let go and admit that alcohol or an opioid controlled our lives. We may be plagued with concern over howRead More

Am I Ever Going to Be Loved?

If you are the one saying this, we hear you. If you are new to sobriety, try to understand that your first priority isn’t romantic love. It is of course staying sober, changing your behaviors and attitudes and learning about yourself. If you are not speaking of romantic love, but love in general, the answerRead More

Is Love Addiction a Real Condition?

“All you need is love” is a song that the Beatles sang in the late 1960’s that continues to interpret the same emotion that people still think is all they need in the late 2010’s. Love is an everyday emotion that makes people feel good knowing that they are adored which can lead them toRead More

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