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Anxiety Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Anxiety is high in many people and breaking it down through your zodiac sign might be more helpful to see your patterns of stress. ARIES (March 21-April19) Being the first of the 12 zodiac signs, this fire sign is a trailblazer. Being full of energy and competitive makes for a somebody who is constantly onRead More

5 Best Gifts of Recovery

Upon getting sober, there is a remarkable change that can happen for somebody that embraces recovery. There are gifts of sobriety that can become apparent with someone who has started trudging the road of recovery.   Freedom   There is a really broad range of all the things that can make you feel free. NotRead More

Why You Should Push Yourself to Find a Physical Activity You Enjoy

Physical activity is a great prescription to result in positive health results. Longevity of life, raising metabolism for weight loss, and reducing stress to improve your mood are a couple of examples of how physical activity provides a positive outcome from exercise. Pushing yourself to discover the physical activities that you may enjoy, can beRead More

Should You Be in a Relationship in Early Sobriety?

Getting into a relationship in the first year of recovery is typically frowned upon. There are so many changes going on in your life that a relationship can distract you from recovery. Addiction usually stunts a person emotionally causing their maturity level to possibly be the same age as when they started drinking and using,Read More

Having Fun Getting Active

Getting active and having fun may be considered an oxymoron. We may show resistance going to the gym, running, or – perish the thought – doing tons of burpees because of the work it takes get through them. Lack of time is another dilemma that prevents people from getting physically active because of the busyRead More

10 Things Everyone Experiences in Early Recovery

First meeting jitters It can be intimidating to go anywhere for the first time much less a meeting in a 12-Step program.  Fear of the unknown of what will happen during a meeting or what people who attend meetings will be like can make anyone’s stomach have butterflies. Support Recovery and support go together likeRead More

Can I Keep My Old Friends After I Get Sober?

The common phrase of “new playmates and new playgrounds” promotes discovering different people to hang with and different places to frequent in sobriety. To get good quality recovery, you must change everything about your life where addiction played a part. Early sobriety can leave you susceptible to being influenced by the peers that surround you.Read More

Dealing with Stress in Recovery

Stress is a leading cause of relapse.  The overwhelming fear of addiction can resurface at any time.  It’s an ugly truth to recovery.  You have been working so hard at sobriety and life can come at you fast.  Just like the rest of the world, if you focus on one thing, although it can beRead More

Taking Action is Critical for Sobriety

There seems to be a stigma on how recovery should go.  Recovery is a lifelong journey. Whether you are in treatment or just a year into sobriety, don’t stop now.  Actively moving forward with your life is crucial to staying sober. In the beginning of treatment, your support network or therapist will talk to youRead More

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