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Eating Disorders During the Holidays

The Holidays are usually associated with copious amounts of food that can serve as traditions for many families. For someone who has a preoccupation with food and weight matters, this can be perceived as a stressful experience that may take away from the conviviality that the holidays are intended for. Along with the stressors ofRead More

How Do I Keep from Getting Depressed During the Holidays?

Finding holiday cheer can be difficult if you are battling symptoms of depression. Whether it be taking the kids to see Santa Claus, attending a holiday party, caroling, or shopping for gifts for your friends and family, it can knock the wind right out of you. There are ways to reduce the manifestation of depressionRead More

Best Tips to Being Present on Christmas Morning

Christmas can be a time for addicts and alcoholics in recovery to keep their distance because they can feel like they are outcasts from the rest of the world. Early sobriety can leave addicts and alcoholics seemingly raw. The feeling of unworthiness can arise in lieu of celebrating something as meaningful as Christmas morning festivities.Read More

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