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5 Healthy Relationships to Develop in Treatment

In all walks of life there is a necessity of human compassion. When going into treatment you may think that you will be just fine without any having any personal interactions, but it is really important to enlist a team of prominent people that will support your recovery. The Sponsor You may already have aRead More

How You Can Best Support Someone In Treatment

It seems that it has been a long time coming.  The lying, scamming, and manipulating has brought the family to seek more help.  Once the addict is in recovery, the family has to regain control over their own lives while still supporting the healing addict.  This can be a very difficult balance.  Many families willRead More

Foundations of Healthy Relationships in Recovery

Relationships require maintenance on a day to day basis. They take work by all the participants that are involved. When we are in recovery, we have many things that we need to address to move forward and grow.  One of the things that we must learn in recovery is how to have a foundation inRead More

Can I Keep My Old Friends After I Get Sober?

The common phrase of “new playmates and new playgrounds” promotes discovering different people to hang with and different places to frequent in sobriety. To get good quality recovery, you must change everything about your life where addiction played a part. Early sobriety can leave you susceptible to being influenced by the peers that surround you.Read More

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