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The Role Nutrition Plays in Detox

Addiction will suck the life right out of you and the double-edged sword is that if you stop taking drugs and alcohol, you will get sick from withdrawal symptoms. Once you do make the decision to get and stay sober, you will inherently feel pretty bad for a few days to a few weeks whileRead More

Can I Be Revitalized After Addiction?

A person that is addicted to drugs and alcohol is most likely enslaved to their addiction and may feel like there is no way out. The cessation of drugs and alcohol can be a surefire way to accept a newfound freedom, although the body, mind, and soul may be continuously suffering if recovery does notRead More

What are Alternatives to Pain Management?

The amount of people that suffer with debilitating pain grows every day. Someone that has to endure pain from fibromyalgia, autoimmune disease, surgeries or anything else that causes unwanted torment, might be directed to use prescription pills for pain management. When taking the pain medication, statistics show higher rates of patients becoming addicted to theseRead More

Does Food Really Affect Our Moods?

Junk food and refined sugars are everywhere in today’s society. The hustle and bustle of life makes us eat on the run instead of eating for health. Instead of cooking healthy food at home, it is much easier today to run out to get a hamburger and fries meal deal, supersized of course, for .50Read More

Reasons Why a Sensory Diet is Important

Sensory issues can explain how you react to sensory stimuli. You are either over-sensitive or under-sensitive when it come to your senses. There are 8 senses that are deemed to be affected when somebody has sensory processing disorder (SPD).   Visual – responsible for sight Auditory- responsible for hearing Olfactory – responsible for smelling GustatoryRead More

9 Signs Telling You to Get Sober

For most people with addiction it is difficult to get sober. Some addicts know they need to stop, but will not. Others have no idea how to concede to the fact that they must stop. If you are unsure if you should get sober, there are some tell-tale signs you can look for. You cannotRead More

6 Healing Foods That Help in Recovery

Recovery is a time in our lives to get better, which also includes getting our bodies healthier. Once we stop using toxic substances in copious amounts, we can better ourselves by making healthier decisions with our food. We most likely badly mangled our bodies with the extent of our addiction, but the body is hasRead More

5 Tips for Eating Disorders During Family Dinners

Enjoying the family dinners can be an agonizing experience for someone with an eating disorder. Trying to control the feelings that are caused by an eating disorder, can be better tamed by following a few empowering tips to use during family dinner. Change the conversation. People usually gorge themselves during family get togethers, so itRead More

5 Myths About Addiction

Misconceptions of addiction can distort the true information that needs to be rendered. Addiction can affect everything that it touches. Often denial and criticism takes place instead of the compassion and tolerance that an addict may need because of the misunderstanding of myths. 1st Myth A doctor’s prescription is a legitimate reason for an addictRead More

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