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What is Biochemical Restoration?

Addiction can cause many negative psychological effects that can be a direct result of the diet that an addict consumes. Many addicts have poor eating habits while they are under the influence of drugs and alcohol. Since the addiction is front and center, the addict will usually fail to eat foods rich in vitamins andRead More

What Are Common Excuses for Not Going to Treatment?

There are two types of addicts – those who want help and those who do not. Trying to get addicts into treatment may be a struggle, but sometimes after an intervention, they may realize that they are sick and tired of being sick and tired. However the addict finally gets into treatment really relies onRead More

Dealing with Stress in Recovery

Stress is a leading cause of relapse.  The overwhelming fear of addiction can resurface at any time.  It’s an ugly truth to recovery.  You have been working so hard at sobriety and life can come at you fast.  Just like the rest of the world, if you focus on one thing, although it can beRead More

How Long Does It Take to Feel Better in Recovery?

There is no set time for feeling better in recovery. Depending on what you are recovering from plays a huge role in the timeframe. Drugs and alcohol can create a powerful addiction. Getting off the abused substance can create terrible withdrawal symptoms that could last up to months depending on the type of addiction. Irritability,Read More

Asking for Help

You have decided it’s time for a change. Addiction has taken control of your life and you want it back.  This is a huge step in the right direction and a new beginning.  The first feeling is fear.  Being scared is human nature.  We all deal with fear at some point, but how we reactRead More

Post-acute Withdrawal Syndrome

Post-acute withdrawal syndrome, also known as PAWS, is described as a prolonged withdrawal to drugs and alcohol. Withdrawal usually only lasts up to a few weeks, but an addict is more prone to PAWS if they had long-term addiction or used larger amounts of drugs and alcohol. Depending on the drug of choice also dependsRead More

Is Suboxone Addictive?

Suboxone is a combination medication that is commonly used to treat opiate addiction. It is composed of a combination of Buprenorphine, an opioid, and Naloxone, which blocks the effects of opioids. It is used to wean the opioid addict slowly from their addiction. The reason you would use an opiate to recover from opiate addictionRead More

How Can I Use Aromatherapy Every Day?

Aromatherapy is defined as “the use of fragrant essential oils extracted from plants as a treatment in complementary medicine to relieve tension and cure certain minor ailments.” Aromatherapy can be used medicinally as in many traditional cultures, used to simply make your house smell yummy, or used to increase health and wellbeing. Here are 4Read More

How Do You Stay Sober During The Holidays?

The holidays are a time to be jolly and spread cheer. If you just got sober it may create some unease to think of spending your first Christmas without the use of alcohol and drugs. Getting through the normal hustle and bustle of the holidays sober can seem impossible. Holiday parties and social events areRead More

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