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Don’t Explode: How to Get Emotions in Check (for Real This Time)

Exploding emotions can get people into trouble quickly. Physical and emotional outbursts are often the result of underlying stress and anxiety that has built up into rage that explodes. Without keeping it in check, it can quickly damage friendships, workplace relationships, and turn inward into mental health issues and substance abuse disorders. Dealing with addictionRead More

Why Do People Laugh so Much in 12-Step Meetings?

People who are newly sober are also new to having joy without having alcohol or drugs to accentuate their mood. Early recovery does not always entail smiles and laughter because the reality may have set in for what is exactly happening to them. They are probably getting and staying sober without really wanting to, whichRead More

5 Ways to Identify Anger

Anger is human response to signal something is wrong with what is going on. This may lead you to use anger to direct you to assist someone else in need in a controlled manner, or it can lead you to have a full-on reaction that can be unhealthy and hurtful to your well-being. Identifying angerRead More

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