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5 Tips for Eating Disorders During Family Dinners

Enjoying the family dinners can be an agonizing experience for someone with an eating disorder. Trying to control the feelings that are caused by an eating disorder, can be better tamed by following a few empowering tips to use during family dinner. Change the conversation. People usually gorge themselves during family get togethers, so itRead More

Eating Disorders During the Holidays

The Holidays are usually associated with copious amounts of food that can serve as traditions for many families. For someone who has a preoccupation with food and weight matters, this can be perceived as a stressful experience that may take away from the conviviality that the holidays are intended for. Along with the stressors ofRead More

What is Diabulimia?

People that have Type I Diabetes are unable to produce their own insulin. They are dependent on injecting insulin into their bodies to make up for their pancreas not properly making their natural insulin. Not having insulin in the body affects the glucose levels that the liver needs to function. Hyperglycemia is a dangerous healthRead More

What You Should Know About Drunkorexia

Drunkorexia is a vernacular term that refers to binge drinking without eating to keep from gaining weight. While this can happen to men and women of all ages, typically college-aged women make up the majority of this group, so they can party and get drunk and not gain the “freshman fifteen”- extra weight. There areRead More

Men and Eating Disorders

Eating disorders are nothing new to our society. In the 1980’s and 1990’s eating disorders showed an incline in anorexia and bulimia, but the statistics have remained mostly steady since then. While these eating disorders are mostly associated with the stereotypical young, white women, an eating disorder does not discriminate regarding race, religion, sexual orientation,Read More

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