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Can Drug Addiction be part of an OASIS?

Recidivism is a common term that is used in a jail or prison facility that is defined by habitually relapsing due in part to participating in criminal activity which affects the majority of incarcerated inmates. Although jail is supposed to be a corrective way to help criminals stop doing the things that got them lockedRead More

What You Should Know About Drug Trafficking

Movies portray people that are considered drug lords as these rich, powerful, and corrupt individuals that have everything at their fingertips that they could possibly want. This may be how a drug cartel likes the world to view to their life even though the real downfall is the negative effect their drugs have on theRead More

What Is Addiction? What Is Addiction Not?

An addiction is something you do habitually and compulsively to the extent that it interferes with other aspects of your life or endangers your health. Often, there is a physical component. Alcohol, cocaine, heroin, and prescription painkillers can alter your physiology to the point where not using them becomes physically painful or even dangerous. OverRead More

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