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How Deception Can Deceive You

Addiction leads people to do a variety of things that they would never attempt to do during their sobriety. Drugs and alcohol are more apt to take individuals down a dark path that they thought would not ever happen to them in a million years. Drugs and alcohol lure a person into thinking that theirRead More

The Stages of Meth Intoxication

Methamphetamine is a highly- addictive white crystalline drug known by the names of crystal meth, meth, crank, chalk, ice, or glass. Users find that its effects mark an individual with a unsurmountable false sense of well-being. Meth can be consumed by inhaling it, snorting it, or injecting it. The experience of the drug starts withRead More

5 Most Addictive Substances

The statistics of substance addiction have become quite alarming. Approximately 23 million Americans have been reported to have an addiction to drugs or alcohol making up around 9 percent of the population. There is no rhyme or reason to who will become addicted and it can happen with illicit drugs, medication, prescription drugs, and legalRead More

Most Common Traits of an Addiction

People that have addictions have similar adverse effects to drugs and alcohol. They also have comparable traits that become prevalent when under the influence.   Withdrawn   Addiction likes to keep individuals to themselves and isolate. The antisocial part comes from having their covers pulled to what the addict is really doing. If someone otherRead More

What is a Designer Drug?

Designer drugs are synthetic or man-made drugs that are composed in a laboratory. They are put into a category of psychoactive substances that mirror the effects of other illicit and prescription drugs, although they tend to be dangerously more potent as well as addictive due to their chemical modification. What has made designer drugs becomeRead More

What is Drug Court?

There are many times that non-violent drug offenders find themselves at the court’s mercy when they are being convicted of the crimes that they have committed. They may be more in the category of a drug addict, rather than a criminal, although realistically they are both. For a drug addict, jail may not be theRead More

Why Do People Addicted to Drugs Resort to Such Lows?

People that are addicted to drugs may behave in ways that they never thought they would resort to. They may find themselves stealing, prostituting, or even using fraudulent activity to get the drugs they need to maintain their high. Drugs are known to lower someone’s inhibitions which can also lower their standards of how theyRead More

How Methamphetamine Affects The Body

Methamphetamine is an extremely addictive substance that affects the body as well as the brain. As a matter of fact, the addictive properties of meth make it one of the most targeted drugs in the country today. How Meth Works In The Body Meth is a stimulant and it affects the brain, spinal cord, andRead More

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