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What Helps to Break the Pattern of Depression?

Not all therapists use the same strategies for dealing with your depression. Notice the ownership language used in the first sentence, your depression. Does this sound familiar? Hi, I’m Bill, or Jane, and I’m an alcoholic. This kind of language puts an adhesive label on you. I am a depressed person, and or, I amRead More

A Gentle Approach to Ease Anxiety and Depression

The National Institute for the Clinical Application of Behavioral Medicine (NICAMB) recently published a five minute video on how two simple and gentle actions can help with depression. The video highlights the work of Dr. Steven Hayes, PhD, founder of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT). The premise, he relates, is connecting to your values, openingRead More

How Do I Know if a Loved One is Depressed?

Depression is being taken more seriously lately, with so many well-loved celebrities and lesser known, but just as loved, individuals taking their lives following depression. It is a difficult mental health condition to see because it can be hidden well by those who suffer excruciating pain. When you know the signs, it may help identifyRead More

What are the Signs of Major Depression?

One of the most prevalent mental health disorders is major depression. The National Institute of Mental Health estimates that there are 16.2 million adults in the United States that have experienced at least one major depressive episode that adds up to 6.7 percent of the population. Of these adults, 64 percent suffer from severe impairmentsRead More

How Do I Keep from Getting Depressed During the Holidays?

Finding holiday cheer can be difficult if you are battling symptoms of depression. Whether it be taking the kids to see Santa Claus, attending a holiday party, caroling, or shopping for gifts for your friends and family, it can knock the wind right out of you. There are ways to reduce the manifestation of depressionRead More

Treatment Options for Alcohol Withdrawal in Recovery

People who are physically dependent on alcohol go through a period of withdrawal upon cessation or significantly lowered consumption. Generally, most cases of alcohol withdrawal require treatment of symptoms as they occur. However, in cases of heavy or long-term drinking, medical intervention may be required to prevent very serious conditions. So, how is alcohol withdrawalRead More

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