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What is Adult Children of Alcoholics?

Alcoholism is a family disease that affects every person it comes into contact with, even if they have never have touched a drop of ethanol in their life. When addiction to alcohol is prevalent beginning with the family of origin, the dysfunction that is caused continues to seep into other areas of someone’s life. SomeRead More

Are Women More Susceptible to Alcoholism?

Women typically get drunker quicker than men when they consume the same amount of alcohol in the same amount of time. Although an old wives’ tale may state that men are naturally bigger and stronger than women making them slower to intoxicate, the body definitely has much to do with how drunk each sex canRead More

What Exactly Does My Thinking Have to do with My Drinking?

The thoughts that spin in an alcoholic mind can be rather disheartening. In fact, people in recovery programs have been heard stating that “their brain is out to get them”. The reason why the alcoholic brain is important to call out in this capacity is because without stating the obvious, you may continue to listenRead More

What Happens During a Liver Transplant from Alcoholism?

Alcohol-Related Liver Disease (ARLD) is an ailment that is caused by a spectrum of damages through the abundance of heavy alcohol intake. 21,000 Americans have been reported by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to die of complications of ARLD. Years of alcohol abuse can damage the liver making it inflamed and swollen andRead More

How Does Late-Stage Alcoholism Affect the Body?

Alcoholism is a deplorable disease that is indicative of its stages that become more progressive with every drink of alcohol that is consumed. Alcohol is straight poison and unhealthy in large quantities over a period of abuse. In many cases, the body can be rejuvenated, but in the case of late-stage alcoholism, the prognosis canRead More

Why Does My Face Flush When I Drink Alcohol?

If you have ever wondered why your face gets flushed when you drink alcohol, there is a real, medical reason for why that may happen to you. The medical term for this condition is called “alcohol flush reaction” caused by erythema that develops on the skin in the areas of the face, neck, shoulders, andRead More

Why is Sobriety the Best Gift?

The holidays seem to come faster and faster every year. Along with the quickness of the final months of the year, larger quantities of lights, decorations, and food are also purchased to emphasize the holidays. The multitude of gifts that are given and received over the holidays also seems to keep multiplying each year. ThereRead More

Why do Addicts Celebrate Their Sobriety Milestones?

As a society we love to hail life’s victories. There are celebrations for job promotions, baby showers, bumper stickers that acknowledge a child’s progress and behavior at school, and trophies for winning sporting events. Special events like these promote support for one another which is a healthy. Not only does it pump up the personRead More

Should Alcoholics Participate in Stealth Drinking?

Alcoholics in recovery must quit drinking to be sober. That may sound pretty simple to some, but it can be a hard road to maneuver to get to the point of cessation for some alcoholics. Figuring out what causes triggers and cravings can be tough to access, but important to keep alcoholics from having anyRead More

Tips on Planning an Alcohol-free Wedding

Alcohol is usually synonymous with wedding bells. Most couples enjoy having adult alcoholic beverages served at their wedding to entertain their guests during their attendance at the reception. The alcohol may also serve as a purpose to calm writhing nerves that go along with cold feet. Alcohol-free weddings have become more prevalent to cut costs,Read More

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