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Why You Need to Work the Twelve Steps

12-Step programs, such as AA or NA, use the 12 Steps as the crux of their program. Initiating the change of behaviors that are brought out during addiction is a good reason to use the Steps. Drug and alcohol use may end, but addicts and alcoholics may not understand the depths of their behavior untilRead More

5 Types of People to Keep You on Track in a 12-Step Meeting

12-Step Programs include many stereotypes of folks. Sticking with the winners is the best way to find the best people to hang out with. You should pick people to surround yourself with that will enhance your sobriety rather than break it down. Finding shining examples of the program can be instrumental in finding the necessaryRead More

Foundations of Healthy Relationships in Recovery

Relationships require maintenance on a day to day basis. They take work by all the participants that are involved. When we are in recovery, we have many things that we need to address to move forward and grow.  One of the things that we must learn in recovery is how to have a foundation inRead More

Why Being Terminally Unique Isn’t a Compliment

There is only one of you and you are one of a kind. You are unlike anything else. These are all definitions of what it means to be unique. Unique is considered a compliment of having individual traits and characteristics, but if you put unique and terminally together, it changes its meaning. Terminally unique isRead More

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