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How Deception Can Deceive You

Addiction leads people to do a variety of things that they would never attempt to do during their sobriety. Drugs and alcohol are more apt to take individuals down a dark path that they thought would not ever happen to them in a million years. Drugs and alcohol lure a person into thinking that theirRead More

Is Alcohol or Cannabis More Harmful?

The debate of whether alcohol or cannabis is more harmful has been a perpetual question for decades on decades. The country is still divided on deciding if marijuana should be legalized. Since the 1930’s, marijuana has been classified as a schedule one controlled substance by the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) that has kept it illegalRead More

5 Most Addictive Substances

The statistics of substance addiction have become quite alarming. Approximately 23 million Americans have been reported to have an addiction to drugs or alcohol making up around 9 percent of the population. There is no rhyme or reason to who will become addicted and it can happen with illicit drugs, medication, prescription drugs, and legalRead More

Can The Elderly Be Alcoholic?

Depending on what age that a person is, can affect how the body processes alcohol. In younger people, their bodies have not yet built up a tolerance and the potency can affect them much greater in smaller amounts. In adults, with even moderate drinkers, the amount that they consume typically will have to increase toRead More

6 Benefits to Quitting Drinking in Recovery

Quitting drinking is not an easy feat. It takes dedication and determination to keep on the path of sobriety. With all the effort that you have mustered into your recovery, you can easily see the benefits of quitting drinking.   You will remember everything.   One of the most frightening thing that happens when youRead More

Most Common Traits of an Addiction

People that have addictions have similar adverse effects to drugs and alcohol. They also have comparable traits that become prevalent when under the influence.   Withdrawn   Addiction likes to keep individuals to themselves and isolate. The antisocial part comes from having their covers pulled to what the addict is really doing. If someone otherRead More

Tips to Disembarrass Your Alcohol Addiction

Most people drink alcohol for the short-lived stimulant effect. Alcohol, however, is considered a depressant and slows a person’s nervous system causing slurred speech and loss of coordination. When somebody overindulges in alcohol, there could be a real chance that they could embarrass themselves when they get drunk or even buzzed by falling, saying theRead More

What You Should Know About Drunkorexia

Drunkorexia is a vernacular term that refers to binge drinking without eating to keep from gaining weight. While this can happen to men and women of all ages, typically college-aged women make up the majority of this group, so they can party and get drunk and not gain the “freshman fifteen”- extra weight. There areRead More

Treatment Options for Alcohol Withdrawal in Recovery

People who are physically dependent on alcohol go through a period of withdrawal upon cessation or significantly lowered consumption. Generally, most cases of alcohol withdrawal require treatment of symptoms as they occur. However, in cases of heavy or long-term drinking, medical intervention may be required to prevent very serious conditions. So, how is alcohol withdrawalRead More

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