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How Do I Find My Purpose?

Searching for your life’s purpose may or may not be on the top of your list of things to do. Some people are lucky enough to have already have found it. While some people start researching the things that they feel passionate about and then take a stab at putting that passion into a realityRead More

How Deception Can Deceive You

Addiction leads people to do a variety of things that they would never attempt to do during their sobriety. Drugs and alcohol are more apt to take individuals down a dark path that they thought would not ever happen to them in a million years. Drugs and alcohol lure a person into thinking that theirRead More

What is a Spiritual Axiom?

When we get on the path of the recovery, we must start looking at what is really going on inside us. Many of us can make our outsides look great when all along we are really feeling emotionally bankrupt on the inside. Most of the time we can hide fear, disappointment, and rejection rather nicelyRead More

Ways to Regain Your Momentum in Recovery

Many times, your recovery can come to a crossroads that keeps you unsure of what your true purpose is. Life still happens when you get sober, and you may experience grief, disappointment, heartache, detachment, or defiance during the circumstances that occur. These emotions can play tricks on your mind to create triggers and cravings thatRead More

How Do I Set Goals for My Sobriety?

The new year gets most people thinking about what they would like to accomplish in the next year. A new year means setting new goals. Getting sober in the new year is a good starting point although the best starting point to getting sober is in the now. Setting goals for sobriety can make itRead More

Why Are There So Many 12-Step Programs?

12-Step programs have become synonymous with getting help for addiction. There are a variety of 12-Step programs out there can compensate for the different addictions that have come to light in the recent decades. Alcoholics Anonymous pioneered the 12-Step program and by using their basic structure, others have started up to offset specific addictions. TheRead More

Does A 12-Step Sponsor Know Everything?

When you get involved in a 12-Step program, one of the main suggestions is to find that person that can be your sponsor. Someone that you can see yourself connecting and building a healthy, trustworthy relationship with.  The Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous, p18, has an excerpt in the book that describes the qualities thatRead More

How Can I Avoid Relapse?

Whether you are newly sober, or you have been sober for a while, protecting your sobriety at all costs is a must especially when you know that you might be going through a tough season of sobriety. Reach out Getting involved in a 12-Step program will give you some much needed support during a tryingRead More

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