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Can You Get Sober on a Court Card?

People come into 12-Step Programs from all walks of lives and for a variety of different reasons. Sometimes addicts need a different solution to help in their sobriety. Spouses, children, family members, or the Superior Court Systems may be instrumental in sending addicts to a 12-Step Program because they believe that the program can makeRead More

Can You Attend a Wedding Sober?

When you get sober there is the impending doom that life will no longer be fun. You may feel like you are unable to attend any events where drugs and alcohol will usually give you the ability to be more gregarious and engaging with other. This mistaken belief can be unfounded for some who hasRead More

How Long Do I Have to Stay Sober?

People that have an addiction to alcohol and drugs usually do not have the luxury to start and stop whenever they want. Once they have one drink or one drug, an allergy of the body will take over the addict to kick off a non-stop obsession in the mind that provokes them to ingest oneRead More

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