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Seventh Month: Seventh Step

With each month, 12-Step programs feature a step that corresponds with the number of the month. Since this is July and the seventh month of the year, step seven will be discussed in meetings that read daily literature devotions and provide relevant topics. If you have finished Steps one thru six, this would be theRead More

How to Face Your Feelings Sober

One of the main reasons why you probably drink, and use is to avoid the feelings that make you feel lousy and worthless. Any trauma and abuse that you may have endured in the past can create adverse feelings that will continue to stay with you in your present moment. Although you may think thatRead More

What are the Twelve Steps for Christians?

The great thing about 12-Step programs is that there have been different types of groups that have been started to cater to different types of people that are addicted to a variety of substances and behaviors. These specific 12-Step programs work well to bring people that are like-minded together for the sole purpose of unityRead More

Why You Need to Work the Twelve Steps

12-Step programs, such as AA or NA, use the 12 Steps as the crux of their program. Initiating the change of behaviors that are brought out during addiction is a good reason to use the Steps. Drug and alcohol use may end, but addicts and alcoholics may not understand the depths of their behavior untilRead More

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