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Recovery Life Skills 101: Best Tips for Buying Healthy Groceries

Many times, people get perplexed in what they should purchase for food at the grocery store. Either they do not know how to cook, or just do not like to cook. One of the best ways to keep your body healthy is to cook your own food because you know exactly what ingredients your dish contains. If you do cook your own food, you must get to the grocery store to purchase your food.

One the biggest tips to navigating the grocery store is to stay focused on staying mostly outside of the isles when picking up groceries. You might be asking yourself why this is. The best answer – the food on the outside of the isles is usually the food that spoils quicker than the edibles on the majority of the isles. If you could visually think of a grocery store, you can see the produce department, the dairy department, and the meat department on the outside. As weird as it may sound, the faster that food spoils means the less that it contains additives, artificial ingredients, and preservatives which is a good thing. Buying the foods that are located on the outside of the aisles in small amounts, may keep your pocketbook in check along with your waistline.

Go green

  • Buy fruits and vegetables as the main staple in your diet.
  • Buy a fruit or a veggie that you have never tried before to broaden your horizons.
  • Do not be afraid to take only as much as you need. Break off a piece of ginger to get the portion you want, bag a smaller serving of grapes in the produce bags they provide, or pull off a few stalks of bok choy instead of buying the whole bunch.

Get your protein

  • Make a list of the proteins that you desire to eat for the week by looking at the weekly flyer to see what is on sale, so you can make a frugal purchase of quality proteins.
  • Ask your butcher questions. They have good insight on how certain items should be cooked for better flavor and what the right cooking temperature is.

Bag your grains

  • Many grocery stores these days have a buy-as-you-need department for grains and nuts which is a good way to keep your costs down, get what you want, and buy natural ingredients.

Grocery shopping may seem like a daunting task, but researching what you plan to eat and what you plan to purchase can be beneficial for you while you get the hang of your routine. By eating healthier foods that do not break the bank, you can add something to your collection of new life skills that you are implementing into your recovery.

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