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What are CRPs?

As the time draws near for your teen to go to the college that they were accepted into in this fall, you may be worried about their first experience being away from home. Since you have already experienced some disappointments with your teenager being caught drinking underage or smoking pot with their friends, you mayRead More

Seventh Month: Seventh Step

With each month, 12-Step programs feature a step that corresponds with the number of the month. Since this is July and the seventh month of the year, step seven will be discussed in meetings that read daily literature devotions and provide relevant topics. If you have finished Steps one thru six, this would be theRead More

Can Drug Addiction be part of an OASIS?

Recidivism is a common term that is used in a jail or prison facility that is defined by habitually relapsing due in part to participating in criminal activity which affects the majority of incarcerated inmates. Although jail is supposed to be a corrective way to help criminals stop doing the things that got them lockedRead More

Keys to Having a Healthy Relationship in Sobriety

Companionship is important to have in your daily life. When you were in the throes of your addiction, attempting to maintain healthy relationships was nearly impossible. You were of little use to those around you while you were under the influence. Now that you are in participating in recovery and your life again, you shouldRead More

Will CBD Show Up on a Drug Test?

CBD oil comes from the marijuana plant which can make you leery about using it for medicinal purposes such as arthritis, anxiety, and many other ailments the oil alleviates. You may have a great job that randomly drug tests you which you wish to pass without them finding any amounts of THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) in yourRead More

Is Alcohol a Narcotic?

Unlike narcotics, alcohol is not considered a controlled scheduled drug by the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA). For those who have been victim to driving drunk and caregivers for someone who abuses alcohol to the point of death, this can seem unbelievable. They have witnessed firsthand what alcohol can do to a person’s body, mind, andRead More

What You Should Know About Muscle Dysmorphic Disorder

Men’s Health magazine used the month of May to bring awareness to mental health among men. According to the magazine, talking about the issues men have suffered from has been avoided for long enough and finally needs some well-deserved attention. In their series, Healthy Mind, Healthy Body, they wanted to build a platform to bringRead More

What Exactly Does My Thinking Have to do with My Drinking?

The thoughts that spin in an alcoholic mind can be rather disheartening. In fact, people in recovery programs have been heard stating that “their brain is out to get them”. The reason why the alcoholic brain is important to call out in this capacity is because without stating the obvious, you may continue to listenRead More

WWE Diva Comes Out About Addiction

The show Total Divas on the E! Channel has had its share of women wrestlers, known as WWE Divas, come and go. One those interesting Divas that had controversy in and out the ring was one who was known for her fiery red hair named Eva Marie. On several episodes where others are drinking, EvaRead More